SP, BPC, PI, MT, QC and other stuff I don't get

New player here. I don’t know the game well and hardly know what I’m doing.

Is there a place, thread, website that I can quickly go to when I’m trying to understand a post/thread where people talk about ABC words that I have no clue what they mean ?
Thank you.

I don’t think I should be on this forum this soon. Maybe I should try play the game for a month best I can before being here.

Is that good idea ?

Happy learning: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/EVE_Lexicon

Imho you can’t enjoy this game without reading a lot, especially in the starting months. Also you may learn a huge lot by talking to experienced players (fleet members and corp mates).


I would propose learning by doing. Each aspect of Eve is rather complex.
Stick to a topic for several days. Ask Corp Mates out during trying it.
If not possible try reading but be aware older sources (>2y) must be taken with caution since the Game evolves all the time.

Fly safe.

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Thank you for the advice and links. Will do… Take care both of you.

@Marion_Bodhi - That Uniwiki linked to above can be a great source of info on all manner of EvE subjects.
Youtube videos are also useful.