Eve Workbench missing fitting summary page

A recent update to the site seems to have removed the fitting summary page; the one that shows, in list form, the modules that each fitting uses. This page made it easy to compare fits and trends and helped make decisions. Now, it appears that only one fit at a time can be viewed.

Does the page still exist, and if so, how does one navigate to it? Otherwise, is it possible to return this page? (And whilst doing so, it would be handy to have the rigs included in it.)

you should talk to the developer/owner EVE Workbench - #13 his name is all over that thread

Unfortunately that thread has been automatically closed.
I’m hoping to catch his attention here. I searched the site for any contact details but wasn’t able to find any, other than this forum and reddit. I’ll try sending him an email in-game. If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears.

I was able to catch up with Lionear in-game, which was pretty cool!

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