Eve x Excel Add in not updating automatically

I have an excel sheet using the Eve x Excel add in charting my transactions by type , etc.

The sheet used to update automatically when opened. After a recent Mircosoft update this has stopped happening. Is there a fix for this issue?

Hi, this seems new to me as well.

I’ve tried reproducing it, but to no avail, looks like the saved filed is no longer opening up with the taskpane opened.
Running a function will fire the taskpane logic up behind the scenes, or if you have another excel window open it will fire it on launch, but not recalculate any functions. So seems like some lazyloading or cache-first approach has been taken by the customsfunctions handling in excel.

I couldn’t find anything obvious in the office patch notes relating to this issue.

I’d actually call this a feature to some users, with heavy data that they’d want to control when it is refreshed, or when the data is just static data that is unlikely to have changed.

For the time being you’d most likely need to link your functions to some common cell. fx. a region cell that has the region id for the forge if you are doing market calls in jita, so you can just hit one cell to fire off the refresh.

Or have a character cell somewhere if you are consuming character scoped data.
Sadly I don’t have any easy solutions if you are using the “catch-all” options where the character_id_or_entity parameter was empty to fetch all signed in characers in functions where that was available. You’d need some IF wrapping around that to link to the render of the cells output, i.e. the functions in question.

I’ll look into this some more and update this thread if I find out anything, bothers me that this didn’t get thrown into the release notes in an obvious way.

Thank you for the post.

Edit: I just remembered you can just use the recalculate all shortcut to get it updated once you load it up, Ctrl + Alt + F9

Thanks for the insight. The shortcut, Ctrl + Alt + F9, certainly helps.

Just to update, got it confirmed from Microsoft that this came May 22nd, as an intentional improvement, and was done to improve startup functionality and performance and avoid potentially costly functions from being recalculated by default.