Evemon: are the advanced features turned off (v4.2.2)

Been using evemon - and I liked the additional feature that I could quickly check the status of my PI.

Since yesterday, all these features seem to be greyed out.

Is there an EPI error, or did something else change?

Every is grey/not selectable: e.g.:

Could always message the dev. Should be contact info on the app or look here for the latest thread.


All the advanced features on my evemon 4.2.2 are OK so maybe account related, check under file > manage characters as well as ESI keys to make sure all is OK with your acounts.

Thx for reactions. It was working one day, stopped working the next.

I’ve looked at ESI keys - there were some no longer working due to a password change, but other than that, nothing I can find.

Guess I’ll remove and re-install. Boring, but hopefully - effective.

Update: used ‘reset settings’ which wiped everything out, but app functions normally now!

Bit late, as I am not known for forum crawling – but your findings are consistent with a bad ESI token. Glad you were able to solve it!

The best way to reach me for evemon issues is ig mail, or @ me on the official discord.

I’ve also put up some SKINs to everyone in this thread as a thank you for using evemon. Cheers!

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