[EVENT]Federation Day YC124 - June 25th

Hello, Capsuleers and Citizens of the Federation.

How’s your Celebration of Federation Day YC124?
I spent my days visiting many places during the Federation Grand Prix and was impressed by the scenery I saw for the first time. There are so many beautiful places in New Eden.

And the cerabration of Federation Day YC124 in Luminaire on June 25th!

Unfortunately, I did not know about this event for a long time. However, I was recently informed about this event. So now I am looking forward to the day, June 25th. In addition, I thought I would like to be on stage with many other Cool & Beauties.

So Cafrinia Wurzbein is now one of contestants for MISS FEDERATION.

I heartily welcome your vote. (whether it’s for me or not)
And, thanks to Alain Colcer and his supporters.


Hello everyone.

I believe in fashion, portraiture, and the freedom to express oneself.
I believe this is in line with the freedom that the Federation stands for.

Please share my freedom.

And thank you Alain Colcer for this delightful festival!


I am wondering what the proper way is to campaign for Mr. Federation: advertising with mobile depots like @Ein_Kai or shooting Four Freedoms fireworks at @Alain_Colcer and other pilots.


Please vote for me.


Hey, everyone. Are you enjoying the festival?

Counting coins while stroking hair or charging into enemy lines with your blaster before anyone else is not the only part of the Gallente culture.
Wear your clothes and hair the way you want, drink synthetic coffee, ride the rhythm of hop music, and enjoy your journey in this mild space.

And THANK YOU , Alain Colcer. As a Gallentean, I cannot afford not to attend this event.


Please send me an evemail at your earliest convenience, i was reviewing my list of participants and you dont seem to be included yet.


You have something urgent to do, but the cables on your back don’t fit snugly. Has this ever happened to you? When going to a festival, leave with plenty of time to spare. And of course, don’t forget the fireworks!


To all contestants for Mr and Ms Federation,

D-IMG (Dodixian Investments and Media Group) will be working on a gallery of all contestants utilizing their portraits. Hit the fashion boutiques, dress up nice and update your looks now.

D-IMG will capture all of your portraits on Friday so please look your best.

Camilla Antiope
Advertising Director of D-IMG


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Holy UNPRECEDENTED levels of participation! Viva La Federation! This is going to be great! A big thank you to Mr. Alain Colcer for the press pass.


Hello, you amazing people of New Eden, my beloved gallentean Brothers, Sisters and everyone else.
With so many fantastic people taking part, the competition will be fierce! But it has always been my dream to one day win Miss Federation. Will this be the year that it is finally fulfilled?

A little about myself at first, I am half Jin-Mei and half Sebiestor, born and raised in the Federation. And I could not imagine a greater place to grow up and spend my life!
What does the Federation mean to me?
It is freedom, liberty and a righteous place. Life in the Federation is never boring; the fashion, the glitter, the amazing cities and wonderful people. It connects people like no other place in this cluster. And there is Quafe®, of course! All of these things have a place deep in my heart.

Like our beloved Federation, I try to be open, accepting of and helpful to everyone as much as possible. Just as my grandmother who had fled the Empire, found refuge and acceptance in the Federation. My biggest goal in life is to help people and make their lives better, one moment at a time. A little naivety is certainly part of that, but wanting to make even a small part of the cluster a better place, is just so Gallente! Always bubbly, I am a lover of fashion and bling, attending parties and connecting people to one another. Extremly open and accepting of others, I live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it.
Friends describe me as: Very outgoing, incredibly welcomming and filled with joyful and positive spirit.

Hopefully I convinced a few of you to vote for me, winning would mean the world to me :heart:
Yours truly!

:heart: Julie :heart:


Hello Citizen. Enjoy the Federation day. o7
High res


The following is to confirm your participation in Miss/Mister Federation



No RSVP is needed unless you wish to cancel your participation.

Alain Colcer
Master of Ceremonies
Nadire Security Consultants

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Excuse my tardiness, I let the nice gent know using another media that I am interested in this little thing you have going, but thought it extremely gracious of me if I made the rest of you aware that I’ll be collecting first prize! - I’ve been hitting the club strips of Caille quite hard. Being an elite socialite has a great drain upon my time… so be pleased that I found the time to enter your little beauty pageant!

As you can see my striking yellow fedo leather costume comes from an elite fashion house (I tell the conservation groups that pay me to push their agenda that it’s latex so hush hush and all that). Hair and makeup I get my BFFs to do - it’s not easy having it touched up between night club visits. That’s why I have my own little entourage of groupies that I pay in selfies. The rest of it is my own effortless beauty.

I look forward to being crowned, I’ll even find time to come grace you with my presence!


Hello, Capsuleers and Citizens of the Federation.

Does everyone have a Quafe in hand??
Here’s to Federation Day YC124!!


So I guess it is time to get serious.

I’m so Gallente the Federation did not have enough freedom for me, so I moved to Origin, Anoikis for more freedom. I’ve use my freedom of expression on multiple occasions to criticize the Federation. I’ve advocated the ideals of Aidonis Elabon, but I will likely never win the award baring his name since I’d likely be the most controversial recipient since Alexander Noir. For similar reasons I will also never be an official ambassador for Amnesty Interstellar despite supporting them.

Controversial? Why yes, I tend to display some of the more questionable qualities of a Federal citizen:

  • Hedonistic Partyboy
  • Poly-amorous playboy (aka GRSD [Gallente Radical Sexual Deviant])
  • A bit of an exhibitionist
  • Daily narcotics user
  • Feeling culturally superior
  • Love drones so much I don’t mind them having a CONCORD Directive Omega One Five violating AI

Other reasons why you might not vote for me for Mr. Federation:

  • Social skills leave something to be desired
  • Never spend any time working in the Federation military/navy/FEDEF
  • Have not spend much time in the Federation lately
  • Advocated for the return of Caldari Prime to the State (back when it was still completely under Federation control)
  • Not a body modder
  • Not much of a gambler (unless you count poker)
  • Doesn’t really give a F anymore
  • Sort of accidentally halfheartedly entered this competition
  • Does not believe in free will
  • Has some sympathy for Sansha’s Nation

I am Ché Biko and I approve this message.


P.S. I will likely vote for @Julie_Lemrenoy and @Quote_Mraz.


Hi, everyone,

I believe that pure beauty has no boundaries.
It is my honor to be a contestant for Miss Federation YC124.
I am Riko Azuma.


This is another paid advertisement by an unknown sponsor for Ein Kai:


Who the heck keeps funding this ads? Thanks, but please just redirect that funding for the resistance in Notoras currently occupied by the Calamari Menace.

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Fellow Citizens, Happy Federation Day YC124!

I am a rural citizen with no notable wealth or fame. But I believe that such an unnamed citizen, like me, is the foundation of the Federation and the driving force behind its achievement. So I think I’m certain qualified to be a contestant for MISS FEDERATION.

I’m not good at appearing in public, but I’ll do my best , for this contest.