Hello! o7
Some corp-mates and i were talking about this in January, and ive been working out any kinks i could think of.
EVEOS would be nice for people who know how to run a dual-boot (running multiple Operating Systems on one computer) and would result in a better game experience for them. Dual-booting really isnt difficult, the average Joe could do it with a Linux dual boot tutorial on Youtube. More system resources would be available for EVE, resulting in better game quality/less latency due to low-end hardware. Here are what i think EVEOS would need to be useful:

  1. A useful setup menu. Obviously, connecting to internet first. Then options to enable:
    Discord/Teamspeak Integration (installs the software alongside EVE)
  2. Top bar with system stats (battery, internet, time, etc)
    These are all i can remember atm (never write them down lol), ill edit with more as i remember

Possible issues and fixes:
Issue 1: Switching between main OS and EVEOS
This is a pretty easy issue to solve, it requires only rEFInd, very simple installation. if MacOS users dont want to use rEFInd, restarting your mac and holding down the option key will allow you to switch.
Issue 2: running EVE Online in EVEOS
Also easy. MacOS already uses WINE to run EVE, so just use WINE.
Feel free to tel me about any additional issues with this!

Simple, after they write a device driver system, a TCP stack and a whole bunch of other things that OS have.


Lol true, maybe they could modify Ubuntu or Debian or another distro?


Take some 40+ year old suck ass OS with no modern features?

Bro, have u seen 18.04? XD

Wow, the 1990s called!
They want their idea back!

This kind of idea came up in the 1990s a lot, and I really mean A LOT. Everyone suggested that everything kind of gets its own OS because of “reasons”. I remember the times when people suggested a demoscene OS because, for some reason, that made perfect sense in their minds.

To not be a debby downer, here’s a treat for you:

We are pretty much heading into that direction. Within the next five to ten years “Software as a Service” as microsoft envisions it will be becoming the norm. It ends with everything being inside a “trusted” virtualized environment with only the bare essentials needed for the software package, which will be rented, to run.

Besides … there simply is ZERO point in this at all. The amount of people who know how to dual-boot is ridiculously small compared to the hundreds of thousands who have no ■■■■■■■ clue. “Resources” aren’t really an argument anymore in today’s age and anyone who does not do the necessary legwork himself (aka proper optimization instead of relying on others to do the job for him) is in no way or form capable of understanding how to dual-boot his machine in the first place.

And to make matters worse: There are machines out there that literally prevent you from doing so, thanks to UEFI and Secure Boot. When the manufacturer decides that you do not own the hardware, then you’re locked out from legally installing a second operating system. Period.

  1. ye, thats true with AzureOS and such.
  2. that is also very true xd
  3. you can bypass UEFI and Secure Boot tho ;D

I see EveOS as a way for botters to abuse poor thing in various virtual machines. Make me change my mind.

thats also very true, maybe do like Apple and add a security measure that doesnt allow it to run in a virtual machine?

Heh, they could just rip off the BSD stack/drivers etc and be good to go (just like MS!) :slight_smile:

Aren’t cycles fun. Start with massive computers filling up a room, move to desktop computers, move to masses of computers filling up entire multi-story buildings fun times!

Right but you’d just run it in a VM and wouldn’t have to worry about dual booting.

Wait wait… you can bypass UEFI and Secure Boot, but you can’t get any old OS to run in a VM? I think you’re not trying hard enough :wink:



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