EVEOTS is back, EVE Online Teamspeak 3 API Registration (SSO ESI)

Any kind donations are very appreciated.
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Hosting now available! See bottom of post.

[Previous version]
Current version: 1.95.5

PHP cURL & PHP MySQLi modules installed and enabled.
MySQL database

Download for:
(By downloading you agree to leave the credit at the bottom of the page and not sell or redistribute without my permission in any way. Let’s play fair.)

Hello again!
I’ve been silently working on EVEOTS since I first released it in 2011 when it became quite a popular choice at the time.

Since then real life issues combined with me stopping playing for a little bit made it unfair for me to release updates without me being able to support it; so I kept the releases to myself and the alliance whose version I was maintaining.

But with the switch off of XML API and the switch to ESI I feel obliged to upload it as to not hang anyone who uses the old version out to dry, so here it is; vastly improved:

Design philosophy:

  • It’s yours! It is designed from the ground up to be slim and have minimal design or intrusive construction. A base template for you to do as you wish with. This means those of you who are far better web designers than I’ll ever be, but don’t know PHP should be able to implement this into your site easily and make it look amazing. Of course if you want to use it as is, you can.
  • Simple platform to build on. The code is heavily commented throughout to help you modify it to your needs without having to spend hours learning PHP.
  • Treat blues and alliance/corp mates differently, issueing different permissions.
  • Very easy install and readme available.
  • Offers complete self-sustainability and monitoring of users.
  • Cron jobs format nicely into emails should you choose to have them sent to you.
  • Easy to use self-explaining admin panel that doesn’t require you to be an IT boffin.
  • Diplomat role, no administrative power but able to vet who has access.

User view:

Admin panel home:

Manually audit members:

Whitelist administration:

Help & Support:
I offer free advice and assistance with problems, the only thing I ask is for 500m if you want me to do either of the following for you:
500m - Full installation of EVEOTS on your webserver.
500m - Full configuration of best practices on your Teamspeak server and channels permission sets.

This is simply because last time I burned out of the game with doing free setups for people and not being able to play sucks. :frowning:

Hosting Options (Optional Service)
Obviously you need a web server to host your EVEOTS on; but if you don’t have a VPS or Dedicated host of your own, or just can’t afford them and are having trouble with a ‘shared hosting’ plan provider opening ports for you, then I can offer to host it for you just for ISK:
300m/month - 100 simultanious registrations, plus hosting. (equivalent to approx. $5)
+100m/month - each additional 100 simultanious registrations needed.

This is to keep it cheap for small corps, but also cover my real-world costs.
I will never stop you registering people, you will only pay for what you use in blocks of 100 registrations.
You will not be charged for past registrations that have been removed.
You will always be upgraded to the latest version of EVEOTS unless requested otherwise.
You will still need your own Teamspeak, I cannot host this for you, the costs would be astronomical.


Quick questions. Does this allow to have guests join TS?
Also, what happens to current corp members who are already set with appropriate permissions?

You have full freedom for guests. EVEOTS doesn’t actually “block” anyone, thats a design philosophy I missed off, it doesn’t take over your Teamspeak.

Let me explain, say you have a group (ID 1) for your corp members and a blue group (ID 2). If you have your Teamspeak set up optimally then you don’t even need a password, guests can come and go but will not be able to move around channels unless they have group 1 or 2 (if you set up your Teamspeak for that, which I advise).

They can still join, and you can drag them around where you want. EVEOTS will never kick a guest, it completely ignores people outside of group 1 and 2. Which, I should mention is why I suggest you make those two groups unable to be modified by anyone but the super admin (presumably you). EVEOTS must have sole control of those groups for security.

Thank you for the response. And it can be installed on any db, even new one, right? you also talk about registering. What if I already have a character with all necessary permissions? Does this remove the need for giving permissions to specific groups?

Also, I uploaded all the files to a folder called eveots, but none of the php files are there…

I may well need you to install it for me…What is your timezone and when would you be available?

Hi Ikki, not sure what you mean by any database. As long as it’s a MySQL database which any web host should offer you as standard then it should be fine.

Best practice is to remove everyone from your corp member/blue groups at install so EVEOTS can have full control and tracking of them. Registration only takes a few seconds. You don’t need to touch any other groups such as FC’s or CEO groups.

The files are all in the packaged upload folder, upload everything there keeping the directory structure unchanged.

I’m UK TZ so the same as Tranquility. If you’d like an install, just pop me a mail in-game and let me know here :slight_smile:

yea. I tried to upload, but all the individual php files disappear as soon as they are uploaded…
Like I just reuploaded all the files from the upload folder to a folder called eveots. Once the upload is done, all the individual files disappear…

Sounds like a possible permission issue with your webhost. Very strange. Not heard of that before.

Hmm ok. Messaged my host and will see what they say. Might need to change host. Was planning on that anyway. Will keep you posted as using EVEOTS will definitely make my life easier

A gentle bump as it’s still new.

Quick hotfix for the whitelist, were unable to add/remove due to a bug.

Friendly neighbourhood bump.


(Yeah, the ID is my app but we have nothing to do with sev3rance.)

This is where my browser redirects me after pressing the “login” button and then giving out the obvious error message “The callback URI doesn’t match the value stored for this client”.

Seems like it fetches the url from index.php line 50.
When I change that line manually to our URL, everything works.

Another thing is that even though the corp/alliance is in the config.php with the correct name and also with the correct ID, I am getting the message “You are not allowed to register on this server.”
When I try to add a corp to the whitelist I am getting the error message “Invalid query: (0)” (any corp). Alliance whitelist works though.
I also checked the debug mode and it aknowledges the correct char, corp, id, … but still “you are not allowed to register here”.

When I try to create a new admin through “audit administrator” I am getting the error message “ESI Error: Not found [AP378]” (ingame name is correct though.)

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll look into it immediately. Check back in a short while for an edit :slight_smile:

Edit: So I hardcoded the callback URL, very foolish oversight on my part as it wasn’t public at the time. That’s been fixed in 1.95.1 along with a couple of ESI call fails caused by things changing during the early days of ESI.

All working now :slight_smile:

Quick update patching a couple of bugs and tweaking a few things:

Bot.php is no longer case sensitive.
Forced buffering off to speed up load times when waiting for CCP.
Audit Members search now includes Teamspeak unique ID.
EVEOTS no longer tries to delete you when you try to re-register while also still connected to the server. It will simply strip your EVEOTS groups and replace them.
Re-wrote some security code to be tidier.

looking to inquire about your services

Hi Toni, pop me a mail in-game with what you’re looking for. That’s the best way to get hold of me :slight_smile:

Over the past few days MJ Maverick has been assisting us in setting up the auth system for our TS, after multiple attempts and several support tickets to said host he finally macgyver’ed something together, really excellent work, and highly dedicated to making the customer happy.

If you are looking for help with this type of system, there is no one better to have assist you then MJ Maverick.


Not only did he spend a significant amount of time working to get our auth up and running, but he fed amazing intel to us at the same time. I cannot recommend Mav’s joint services more. ; ]

Thanks babe.

One love,



Thanks a lot for tuning TS. Topic owner has helped with tuning authorasation through ESI API and also took into consideration all our demands.We strongly recommend him as conscientious and quality guy for your infrastructure installation.


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