Evergreen Daily Login Rewards

Yes, but that still does not keep me from having to interact with it every single time I log in…


This last set of “Gifts” are kind of like giving a Teardrop Jaguar to a newborn and tell the baby you can only have it for a week. If you are just going to give gifts to one segment of the Eve Universe, then just give to them and don’t tell anyone else.
I did play before I came back. My other toons were given to a corp mate who has since stopped playing, so are lost to me now. BUT I could have flown the Marshall with those toons (They got their start in the 2007 time frame), but not in the new and definitely not improved version of Uda Mann01.
Why give a skin that will disappear in 7 days? Either give it or not.
The only gift that is of any value to me in this entire line of gifts so far will be the 150Ksp, ( 1 missile booster that I mistakenly hit claim before realizing that it would start the timer as soon as I claimed it).
All in all - just waiting until you give us the 150ksp and ignoring all the other hogwash!

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Yeah but at least you can get rid of the red dot.


Can we have the option to bypass this garbage and just have the bonus SP auto-injected at login? Or at least a trashcan button on the items to get rid of them conveniently, while also sending an email, text, voicemail, and twitter response to the CEO of CCP letting them know a player has deleted their bonus logon “gift”.

This please @CCP_Dopamine … and thrown in an opt-out for the obnoxious red dot while you’re at it.

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Gotta say as a long time player of EVE these daily logins are dope… I really needed that single run gatling pulse laser I BPC instead of buying a BPO for 20k… best daily logins campaign ever! Also due note these are omega rewards… i feel bad for the poor alphas getting god knows what poor items from them. Half the stuff is completely useless insta-activation, which probably won’t be even used by 75% of the people who get them, and the other half is just straight junk. This daily login campaign’s only real positive is the slight skill-point reward from them. Other than that its a joke. Like if you’re going to do a daily campaign at least make it useful for newcomers or veterans, Skillpoints, ships/skillbooks possibly, and training boosters would be ideal for all. The majority of the other daily campaigns were great, this one just feels like the exact opposite direction of them, with lower SP rewards and useless items over a longer duration

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Sometimes, IRL, my neighbors throw stuff over the fence into my back yard. Candy wrappers and cigarette butts, mostly. Sometimes it is deflated soccer balls or springs that broke off of their trampoline. This daily login reward thing reminds me of this - it is just another task for me to do - decide whether to throw it back over the fence or to throw it away, or perhaps ignore it?

So, is this “free” IRL stuff something I should be grateful for?


I’ve stopped interacting with it. The claim window has a checkbox to not show that popup window on top of character selection. (I’ll never get the 150,000 sp “daily click” reward.) The campaign is clearly geared toward new players, and that’s fine. Bitter vets who have their own reasons for logging in on a regular basis, are not the target demographic :wink:

Unfortunately, the “red dot” can’t be dismissed from the neocom buttons for “Daily login campaigns” or the “7+” items I have in Redemption.

we can say the consensus is no one like the rewards
some like the free sp
im in the like the free sp camp ( not logging every day to get it , but some day… its ok for me )
a think the general feedback to ccp is that

Sure it’s there when you log in, just open that redeem box and trash the items.

But, I have some never-expires items of historical interest in there :wink:

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We are all operating under the assumption that we will eventually be able to collect those skill points. Are we sure that the experiment will last long enough to fill up that bar and get the prize?

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lol, yeah, that would be the biggest troll of all.

CCP, please stop this.

It cheapens your game, and it smell like Pearl Abyss.



You STILL believe the propaganda crap about ccp 's ‘independence’?

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Maybe they throw a can with 100 million skillpoints at jita IV and everybody can PVP it out who is able to loot it without concord interrupting…new version of AT…

Would fit the latest patch decisions.

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this campaign was invented by a group of people that have never played Eve online and never will. I refuse to believe an active pilot would sign off on this nonsense.


pople was saying only a millennial complain about free stuff and i fall for that
not for to long
I’m to smart
the problem is not the free stuff , is to say it is a reward
its kinda disappointing
ill call it the Charlie brown effect
you’re welcome



These “rewards” do nothing to add to the game, and are an insult to the depth and value it has accumulated with the community over its 17 years of existence.
It evokes nothing less than pity and disgust from us because it is BENEATH your company to implement this kind of content. It’s akin to finding a close friend and role model whoring themselves out for drugs. I have never in my 11 years of playing and paying for this game been more disappointed in CCP as a company. Don’t insult yourself with implementing pointless drek that’s useless in a single shard game any way.


Please stop spamming my accounts with worthless crap - it’s just annoying… and the bloody redeem box keeps ferking flashing even when disabled and as for the bloody red dots… sheesh