Evermarks, skillplans and AIR not working: "synchronization failed"

i found 1 topic on forum - AIR Career Program won't load on Linux (FIXED) - problem with this:

0058:fixme:nsi:ipv6_forward_enumerate_all not implemented

wine-proton-8.0.4, Gentoo (non-steam). Anyone found way how fix this? (i can’t downgrade to previous versions)

AIR career program loads perfectly fine here. Using wine-8.21 (Staging) and Debian 12. This is a vanilla install with corefonts, d3dx9_36, vcrun2019 and dxvk.

Current winetricks however has an error and needs to be patched. (https://github.com/Winetricks/winetricks/issues/2143)

Thank you, will test tomorrow

my suspicions were confirmed

I use my own kernel, it was built without ipv6 support, turning on in kernel (without additional recompile packages with USE=“ipv6”)

Options in kernel (6.1.67, current stable in Gentoo) which i turn on:

Networking support -> Networking options
<*> The IPv6 Protocol ->
    <*>   IPv6: AH transformation
    <*>   IPv6: ESP transformation
    <M>   IPv6: IPComp transformation
    <*>   IPv6: IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel (SIT driver)

Still use wine-proton-8.0.4, all work. Problem fixed, maybe this will help someone.

P.S. CCP, please add to system requirements “IPv6 support” xD

It’s in Windows since Vista, so they probably don’t bother :stuck_out_tongue:


As i understood, CCP started use IPv6 for internal connection between their services. “Affected”: Evermarks, skill plans, skill queue. AIR, system name and routes. Without ipv6 displaying route lagged, system / const / region name lagged too (loading 3-5 sec after jumping in every system, very annoyed).

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