Every CEO's Dream

If you are a CEO of a corporation with less than 100 members and 20 active pilots with capital alts it can be hard to find a sov-null alliance.

That is where we can help. “Shadow Ultimatum” is looking for CEO’s of “startup” (3-5) players to “small” (10-15) player corporations to join us in sov-null.

You can reference one of our corporation adds if you want to read some highlights of what corporations in our alliance can offer here: [PVP][INDY][NULL] Surreptitious Technologies - Shadow Ultimatum Alliance - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

You can also just message us in discord for more information.

EU TZ: sebekknap#2518 | OcSec#7209
US TZ: rcgv#5244

Just had a new US TZ corporation join welcome to “Crimson Marauders”. :rocket:

Had a fun t1 cruiser brawl with another newbro alliance. Only available in cloud ring.

New corps are doing awesome! Up to 70 active characters on zkill :smiley:

These guys are a good bunch. :slight_smile: Have a bump!

Lot of r64’s that need to be gobbled up :slight_smile: We also need some skilled industrial builders.

Still looking for more small newbro friendly players and corps.

Come be part of building our alliance culture.

To the top! Still looking for more active ceos to join us in Cloud Ring.

Still looking for some great growing corps!

Still recruiting corps and pilots for null sec :slight_smile:

Got some more corps but could always use more getting in to some big fights now :smiley: fun times.

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