Everything you ever needed to know about The Demon War but were too afraid to ask

Maybe one of those MMO’s on Galnet?

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Gosh, it’s almost like she’s just making crap up based on the things she sees around her.

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Every time I take one of those quizzes it says I am a furrier. That is nonsense. The demon war is also nonsense, and none of you are demons! You are only ever awful space people. There is no demon war, none of you have powers without a ship stuffed in your ports, and the whole fetching lot of us should really have a yogurt and a nap.


It’s been a while since someone’s called me fetching. <3


I am the deity of the IGS, Which may in and of itself be a form of hell, making me the deity of a plane of hell… I am a demon Goddess.


Makoto? I am not saying you aren’t a precious darling, I am not saying that at all you are cute with glasses and especially being all the time so serious and professional in collared shirts and so on, but…

…fetching isn’t really a thing anyone wants to be, where I’m from? This is a fetchcarp. It is fetching.


But your hair is always nice?




Well, I’ll take the compliments, and take to the assumption that you’re not calling me fishy.

Also, that is a phenomenally fishy and large fish.


This is massively overselling the power in my thighs.

This is probably true.

I just want to make friends!


When I was a policeman, interns at the Commissioner’s Office would come up with lurid stories like this to be made into holo-ads. Invariably the result of some sort of management competition, they were intended as Warnings To The Young, specifically on buying unlicensed hallucinogens from Thukker caravans.

Never worked. After a caravan had been through, the drunk tanks would be full of people like Valate frothing and screaming about demons. Usually they’d grow out of it. Clearly not always.

Nah, you’re wearing far too much clothing to be a demon queen.


Only in the portrait for my pilots license…




I find the concept of a hypergarlic to be very interesting… In fact, I think about ordering some Mannar fastfood to properly reflect on it while writing this post.

About the Beast and the Deceiver part… You see, while the whole ■■■■ may have come out of some Gallente 30-year old tabletop game, there is a grain of truth in that.

Here’s an example: Me, Anyanka Funk and Nauplius worship the being we all call “the Red God”. Anyanka Funk and Nauplius (more often than me) kill people “in the name of the Red God”. But if we examine their beliefs properly, it turns out that their “Red Gods” embody different principles, and that’s why their followers find each other weak and given to destruction, among other things.

The Beast - and Anyanka Funk is its Chosen, I always saw that - embodies the idea of Chaos. To understand the Beast, one must first and foremost embrace the idea of Strength - spiritual, physical, lol SOCT SP index, whatever - (and eventual Ascension) through Chaos, which is a ladder.

Whatever Nauplius worships is the entity of evil, perveted Order. The Beast frees to run wild, to eat and be eaten in a free for all world; the Deceiver enslaves. THAT is the difference.

I really think that Nauplius’ Deceiver (whom he identifies with one and only true Amarrian God) is the Slaver God. He, being a honest nutjob (like me), just somehow managed to peel the golden mask from it so we can see the pretty Lawful Evil mug in all its glory, down to the bottom.

See? Yay! I’m out of whiskey… But the Mannar hypergarlic has arrived! :smile: :meat_on_bone: :fork_and_knife:

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This observation is colored with bias as well. Deception is commonplace in every relationship we have. So is the so-called freedom offered by the Beast. The “Layers of the Onion” are various levels of control and release. It is a dichotomy inherent in our very existence. It is, however, a false delineation. Reality is far more complex, more beautiful, and more varied than can be explained in such simple terms.

Capsuleers seem preoccupied with the concepts of order and freedom. It is a reflection of our varied cultures, our separation from each other, our cultural programming. When we are given “freedom” to act we either let our better angels or lesser devils guide our actions. It is intriguing, non?

I’m reminded of my initial curiosity regarding the “Children of Naught” posts of the late Aria Jenneth (not to be confused with the “new” Aria Jenneth appearantly). Seeing someone perceive the nature of all as originating in the “Beast” and a philosophy of acceptance of this as the natural order shocked me. Years later I see the initial dissonance that prompted my aversion to it.

I’m sure, from my callsign, the thoughtful few reading this can ascertain the reasoning.

Ok serious questions, does a hyper garlic taste more or less than a normal garlic? And does it smell less or more??


Guess you’ve been out of the loop. Naup has forsaken the Red God, apparently.


Really?! The great prophet has fallen? A pity. Now we’ll never know if Jin-Mei, Ni-Kunni and Deteis are also lost tribes of Minmatar…

It’s 12-dimensional, so I guess the smell and taste would permeat the very fabric of the universe. Like, imagine quantum strings, quarks and ■■■■, smelling of garlic. The Mannar one is pathetic compared to that. Also does bad job at keeping Sani Sabik bloodsuckers away.


How does garlic ward off blooders

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You use a water-based garlic paste to make big garlic-ceramic shells, load them into your 1400mm artillery, and blow the blooders up?


That works but what if I’m not in space?

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