Eves new direction via eve vegas leaks!

WOOOOOAH you are sooo IMBA, you are playing EVE ONLINE !!!

Believe it or not, there are many people who have enough respect for other peoples work to ask themselves first: is this the right game for me? Will I fit in? Can I deal with the challenges it provides? Can I add something to the game?

Rather than, like you, coming anyway, having no respect for its greatness, and hoping that the game will do a 180° so it lowers itself deep enough to reach a level in which you feel comfortable.

Many people who thought about playing EVE, but haven’t done it yet, are not appalled by it’s difficulty, they’re fascinated by it.

So that was the achievement in your life, you played Eve online :rofl:

It does not surprise me, that you think like this. Well, your thoughts about others may just reflect your own condition.

In your ignorance, you have probably never asked yourself why so many accomplished people play the game. Let me tell you: for people who have chosen a challenging life, who have and are pushing for ever more, people who are not content with treading the mill, a normal game is just too boring. EVE provides a challenge for people who have seen challenges, who always look for challenges, who challenge themselves in many ways. A normal game would be like a normal job: not interesting.

I know you are not like this. You are not that type of person. Your every word smells like inferiority of the one who avoids challenge. That’s okay. Just remember, it was your choice to not aim for challenges. The mediocre, unimpressive person that comes out as a result, is your very own fault.

The guys that have been running eve have not created eve, they just slowly milk it dry

They inbalance is already here for the last 15 years…it’s called I(as PVP player) can abuse the mechanic for FORCE MY PLAYSTYLE on everybody else…

Look in a lexicon…there is a picture of a PVP player of eve online beside that word…

The current status is the DEFINITION of an unbalanced situation…you just think it’s not because you benefit from it and you beleive the nonsense some spit out that “it has to be so”…

No…it has not…

And -btw- one who defines him,- or herself over the “challenge” that can be faced in a game needs help…medical help asap…

This was never a problem, this was never - as I said - unbalance of choice.

You had plenty of choices, for all kinds of playstyles. Different forms of PVP playstyles and even avoiding PVP as a valid option. You just had to be smart about it and not lazy.

I realize you don’t like challenges, not in EVE and probably not in your life. That’s okay. Stay at the bottom. Don’t do anything interesting. Don’t try to challenge yourself in any way. Just keep on whining that others do.

You are playing Eve Online, so it is, you are IMBA !!! :rofl:

Can you stick to one Forum alt when posting? Thanks.

This attempt to appear as two different opinions, is pathetic, even for you. Oh wait, not very much for you, but still pathetic.

p.s. the more you use these laughing emojis, the more I know you have a very sad face in real life. if you could take the game as a fun challenge and not cry so much about PVP, you might have more fun and wouldn’t have to be so bitter

You mean tens of thousands of alts surely?


War in my country is over but there is several going on in the neighborhood, and if you want REAL CHALLENGE, suit yourself :blush::kissing_heart:

Critics are often blind to art, too. So it works out.

Not only critics.

This even coined a saying, roughly translated as “Is this art, or can it go into the bin?”

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Which country are you from?



It’s either Serbia or Croatia, but the war is over for quite some time now.

When in doubt, throw it out. $1.1M for that is just… ugh.

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Are you sure?

I thought it was Carebeardonia, specifically the province of Mewling-Incessantly; an area famed for its bitter whine.


To be fair, it’s all the influence of their official language, Emoji, and the countries religion Crytearanity. At least their capital Boting is amongst the safest in the world.

Is the national flag a snowflake?