EVEScore - PvE / NPC / DED Scoreboard (Alpha) (Need volunteers to test it)


A while(ish) ago I created a PvE scoreboard / bounty / incursion tracking site.

The service was running for a couple of years. It stopped working when the provider of the free DB stopped … providing.

I started playing around with ESI some time ago and decided to write the whole damn thing from scratch.

So, to the point, the alpha version of the site is available here:

The Rat database part is reachable via this link:

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There is some (incomplete) info on DED Sites and loot (bound to correct Rat boss)

For the curious the codebase is here:

I need volunteers to help seed it with actual data

Right now I’m counting bounty info and mission rewards

Hopefully someone who’s into Incursions will PM me because I have not yet included those.

Security concerns:

  • You can take a look at the source code and see what is being processed
  • Essentially you are giving access to the last 30 days of your wallet journal


I made a thing, take a look:

Sign up if you want, help me test it


I remember that website, it was fun and it was sad to see it go.
I’m glad to see that it wasn’t gone from spite or malice and I’m glad to see you working on it again.

I signed up again, I like the new layout and information that is available. Its too bad there isn’t a way to collect data on kills for NPCs that don’t provide a bounty, like abyssal kills. But that might fall into the same territory as wormhole NPC kills which were removed for providing too much intel.

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