EveStaticDB Bot - Display EVE item infos under Discord

Hello, Capsuleers.

I’m currently working on a small Discord bot.
It allows you to seach the EVE item database directly from Discord.
Nothing fancy, or complex, but this could be a little extra on your help or newbie Discord channels.


This is still a work in progress:
All objects are registered, but only ship & blueprint output is done for now.

More infos and a bot public invite (for testing) is available on my github project page:

You can also test the bot on my Discord dev server :

If some people are interessed by this kind of tool, please, let me know.
I will try to speed up development. :sweat_smile:

Great work !
Could I query like « list all ships that have a drone bonus » ? List all cruisers that have an armor bonus ? Etc

That would rock!!

Hello !
Sadly, that’s not possible for now, and regarding the amount of crazy fields available in the EVE database, I have strong doubts this will go well…

So far, it’s just a simple bot which mimic the behaviour when searching for an Item Ingame:
Same as using the search button on the local market, nothing more.
I added a fuzzy search, meaning input words like “drk or drak” will match “Drake”, but that’s all.
To sum up , nothing new here, it’s just a little extra to browse items without having to leave Discord.

If you want to give it a try, you can test the bot in the “general” channel on my dev server.

NB: I just updated brueprints, I will surely try to implement Modules later this week.

The bot is updated to Onslaught:

How i can add this bot on my server in discord?

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