Excel Integration - Any news?

Back in May at fanfest one of the announcements was Excel integration for Eve Online. This was really exciting for me, however in searching the internet i cannot find anything more recent then May talking about this. When is it coming? the announcement said later this year, well it’s december.

They mention lots of stuff at fanfests and most doesnt make it to the game (looking at you customizable ship skins)

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I’m excited too! This is still scheduled for Q1 of next year


Great news! I just hope the add-on or feature makes it to the perpetual edition of office.

why was this post flaged

It was off topic

It has sunk to this?

Does CCP realize that Excel is not the only spreadsheet program? That, unlike operating systems, Microsoft is very far from dominating the home suite market? Or, like the linux client, CCP bends to monopolies as the easier path?

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I have not found a comparable spreadsheet program to Excel, with integrated VBA (or equivalent) integration. Do share.

I prefer Numbers; has a lot more included templates. Don’t really use it for large datasets though.

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