Isnt Microsoft Excel integration just keybinding and macroing for market PvP?

Simple humble new player here, I merely wanted to peacefully link my two armor repairers together from my low slots into a single key press, much like is actively encouraged and supported by players using turrets and launchers.

I am a Gallente and my drone Battle Cruiser doesn’t use high slot turrets or launchers, so already I am hamstrung with the incredible drone management that takes tremendous concentration, timing, instinct and reaction in order and command five heroic individual drones than it is to simply mash the “fire all turrets with one button press all linked together GG EZ mode” but received a warning from the ISS jannies that doing so is prohibited after inquiring in rookie help, and also that it is against the terms of service to macro or keybind, then I linked my EvE account to an official EvE Online CCP games/Microsoft twitch stream because they said I would get a free ship in the stream if I gave their stream viewers, but was instead bamboozled into attending a Bill Gates Microsoft Excel - CCP games timeshare sales seminar. Well, I accidentally learned something while watching…

Let me get right to the point, what I learned (after only receiving 500 out of the required 10,000 points for the skin) is that

A) It will take me 19 more CCp EvE - Bill Gates Microsoft Excel twitch timeshare seminar’s to get a ship skin

B) Microsoft Excel spreadsheet integration will give the market players the ability to macro and keybind 10,000 “key” button press combinations at the same time, and on top of that they can do these magical time dilation uber abilities called “Formulas” to process the market, it will be like BlackRock capitol in EvE! We will eat ze veldspar, we will live in ze pods, we will build ze ships back better, and we will be happy.


What needs to be done about this I am sure is obvious and clear to everyone here.
1 button press for all game interaction. You want to do your excel? NOPE! Here’s an in game calculator buddy, CCP games already took the time, coding, manpower to put it in the game for you. I suggest that CCP will begin actively monitoring game clients to make sure that you only use the in game calculator, and you only press 1 individual button on the calculator number pad at a time.

fair = fair.
1 button press = 1 in game action. Why is armor repairer hated, but turrets and launchers are loved? The markets are loved? I am but a simple armor repair enjoyer. I desire the same gameplay rules as other players.
I want an equal number of blueberries in each muffin.
An equal number in each muffin.

In conclusion, and as a summery, we have learned that Bill Gates has a lockdown monopoly on CCP EvE twitch ship skins. Thank you for your time.

Macros are bannable.


This is CCP sanctioned so no it is not.

All this is a good way to pool data and see what profits are in a wide variety of applications. And ofc making the time-tested meme that this game is spreadsheets in space official now.


All it really does is make it more simple for non-programmers to access the API, you could already do this before, you just had to code up a basic tool to do it

This just puts the API data within reach of the masses instead of the people who spent time writing an app


You basically just described what Excel is and what computers were before modern programming.

Sure, but in this case the important part is “to access the API” because previously you either had to code up your own tool from scratch or hope someone else made something to do exactly what you wanted, now you don’t need to learn x language to create a tool you can just use simple excel functions

More data in more hands :slight_smile:

Whatever it is it’s awesome and addictive like Quafe+
Anyone cares for a sip of Exceladin+ ?

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