What is the status update on the Microsoft / Eve Excel Deal

it’s been quite a while since the announcement was made stating we were getting an interface deal with Microsoft to the data in EVE…
Can we please get some sort of update?

Thank you,

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edited to use ccp quote instead


An Excel template for EVE? Found some interns who needed busy work, but holidays intervened? Wow! I hope it has multiple EVE themes…one for each race?

<golf clap>

I was hopeful for an “official” sort of response…

You have to go to Reddit for that.

So ccp stating next year isnt official enough? Damn fickle arent ya

I apologize, I completely missed CCP Swift’s response in the mix…

I figured there was a misunderstanding. But thats why i quoted him specifically that way when you clicked the link it went straight to his post.

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