Excell Addin on Mac, Code wont load

Can’t get code to run Excell Add in functions to load

I can add the add-in. It appears on my excel, I can link characters, but the functions haven’t loaded. I get a #NAME error in a cell containing the EVEONLINE formula which inserts correctly with, say, my character ID in the brackets

If I check the add-in, there is a message that it has failed to load.
Reloading does nothing.

Removing all macro security doesnt change anything, nor does trusting developer macro settings.

I have a Mac Mini running Ventura 13.4
Excel is 2019 v16.74 running on my computer (not Office 365)

Without office 365 I appear unable to access the web based product. I get a message saying I’m not authorised. I follow the link for the web based file in the EVE help centre. The add in doesnt show. Sign in at the top produces an error message.

It likely won’t work with the Mac version. It definitely won’t work with the 2019 version from what I’ve seen. The web based version probably sees your Mac identification in the browser and just won’t run it.

On the whole Mac is an entirely different Operating System to Windows. A lot of stuff is different between the two. I’d be they have turned it off.

They say the add-in works on MAC with excel 2019, But they used to say that EVE worked on a MAC and it rarely did.

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