Excellent 64 mil SP Minmatar/Gallente sub-cap gunner

(Supressive Fire) #1

Hi, i am selling this character.
This is how he looks:

He is at the moment in NPC corp
-he is located in Jita
-Positive wallet account
-No kill rights
-One jump clone situated in Jita, with a four +5 implants and a set of armor/projectile set, together valued at around 1.5bil isk.

Min bid 50bil
B/O 64bil

(Big Pops) #2


(Supressive Fire) #4

Bids noted and accounted for!

Daily bump!

(Supressive Fire) #5

Daily bump!

Auction ending Sunday at midnight (as long as there are people interested and bidding)

(Perpetualed) #6

52 billion.

(TxivYawg1) #7

52.5 bil

(Perpetualed) #8

53 billion.

(TxivYawg1) #9

54 bil

(Supressive Fire) #10

Final daily bump!

(Big Pops) #11


(Supressive Fire) #12

The auction has ended, thank you for interest.
At this moment i am trying to contact the winner, TxivYawg1, so if you are online, please let me know!

If he dosen’t give any sign till the end of the day, the character goes to Big Pops.

(Big Pops) #13

I did bid above him before the auction ended no? Anyway I typically check this forum once a day, please contact me in game on the character ‘Big Pops’ if you want to reach me faster.

(Supressive Fire) #14

well, you did bid 1h after the ‘official’ end time, but i had 0 contact from the other person, neither here neither ingame, so i will just assume he either bid randomly, either he is not as interested. i tried also to reach you ingame, but you did not log for quite a while. I am sending you an eve mail now.

(Perpetualed) #15

So, another auction where @TxivYawg1 fails to pay up…

(Supressive Fire) #16

I guess world be full of clowns.
As discussed in-game, character goes to Perpetualed for his initial bid of 52 bil.
Please send the isk and a mail with the account name.

(Big Pops) #17

Sorry, I fc’d a big capital brawl that’s on the front page of reddit last night, and I missed your message.

I have isk ready, if you want to go with the other bidder that’s fine, if you want to go with my 54.5b bid let me know and I’ll transfer ASAP.

(Supressive Fire) #18

Isk received from Big Pops, character transfered

Good luck

(system) #19

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