🦅 [EXDOM] US/EU Nullsec - Active and Social PVP Corp

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EXDOM [est. Nov. 2015] is a corporation based in Immensea nullsec space with our alliance, Evictus. . We are strong believers in an organized corporation. EXDOM is a multi-faceted corp that enjoys all aspects of the game in a “real life first” atmosphere - however we push for PVP first. Corporation Website

• Nullsec. Fully ugpraded systems to mine and rat in.
• Full IT infrastructure (Forums, coms, discord).
• Ship replacement programs.
• Ore, PI, and loot buyback program.
• A fun and active community.
• Always PVPing (Corp fleets, alliance fleets, coalition fleets)
• Jumpfreighter logistics in and out of highsec. Your first JF in is on us!

Join us for great isk-making opportunities, fun times and a huge amount of PVP.

What we are looking for
• People who understand that real-life comes first. Families, work, and friends are all more important than Eve.
• People who like null-sec or want to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. We will move your stuff back to HS.
• PVP, industrials and PVE players. We accept all walks of eve-life.
• PVP Capital Pilots and T3C/HAC Pilots
• Players who agree to be NBSI in null-sec, and who agree to register on our alliance forums and participate in PVP.

Hard Requirements
• We are recruiting OMEGA grade pilots only.
• Must be able to fly one of our doctrines. Current ships include Muninns, Feroxes, Machariels, Harpies.
• Must be over 30 days old.
• ESI and Comms interview mandatory…

With a community of 3,100+ players spanning mostly US and EU timezones, there will always be friends online to hang out with and do activities.

Please visit our website above, or EVE-Mail me in-game to get more information.

Official Recruiters
Francis Raven
Tai Creire-Geng

Application acceptance subject to a chat on voice comms, mumble.

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Bumping up.

Recruiting active and social PVPers.

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Recruiting active PVPers.

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Bu,p Still Recruiting

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Recruiting PVPers.

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Recruiting PVPers.

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We are recruiting!

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We are recruiting!

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Recruiting people who want to be in nullsec. Will help move assets in.

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Bumping the recruitment thread.

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We are recruiting!

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Recruiting pilots!

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We are still recruiting.

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We are recruiting!

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ExDominion is recruiting!

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Looking for active EU/USTZ pilots!