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Happy Birthday EXDOM! 5-years strong.

ExDominion (or EXDOM) is a forward-thinking corporation focused on playing the game at a higher level. We are a social corporation first and foremost, with emphasis on being on comms and making friends. EXDOM has historically always been one of the highest performing corporations in the alliances we are in, being top of the killboards and fielding the most members in fleet. If you are looking at joining a corporation who always pushes its members to improve, offers help when you need it, and is an all around organized, sociable and fun bunch to be around, then look no further.

Our corporation has been with Evictus since its inception back in 2015 and as such is part of the core of Evictus. We were always in friendly competition with a fellow corporation during our time living in Providence. Having a fierce but friendly rivalry allowed EXDOM to grow in numbers and talent, drawing people in from abroad.

We made a name for ourselves by being one of the most social and outgoing groups around. We loved to fly expensive ships and fits, often handing out ships worth over 1 billion isk each to fellow corpmates for content. Unlike some of our neighbors during our Provi days, we took the approach that “content-is-content” rather than a “killboard-first” culture grew.

When Evictus as an alliance decided to move from Providence and join Legacy Coalition in Catch, EXDOM was fully committed and did not lose any pilots with the transition. In fact, we forward deployed our own structures to the region first so that our alliance would have a place to dock up and call home. From there, we spearheaded into Immensea, Feyth, and now our newest home, Esoteria.

Today, we are part of the founding group of PIBC Coalition, and are partnered up with Rekking Crew in the South of the map. Gone are the days of the blue donut. With content at our doorstep and a world of opportunities, will you help us write our next chapter?

• Nullsec. Fully upgraded systems to mine and rat in. Let the isk flow.
• Lowsec. Access to lowsec exploration, missions, and pvp.
• Full IT infrastructure (Forums, coms, discord).
• Ship replacement programs at CORP and ALLIANCE levels.
• Free fuel for your caps and blops when available. Just grab it from our hangars spread across our home and elsewhere!
• Loads of mining and manufacturing, with ore, PI, and loot buyback programs at corp level.
• A fun and active community. You’ll love our discord!
• Always PVPing (Corp fleets, alliance fleets, coalition fleets). You’ll never get bored waiting for things to happen!
• Jumpfreighter logistics in and out of highsec. Your first JF load in is on us!

Join us for great isk-making opportunities, fun times and a huge amount of PVP.

What we are looking for
• People who understand that real-life comes first. Families, work, and friends are all more important than Eve.
• People who like null-sec or want to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. We will move your stuff back to HS.
• PVP, industrials and PVE players. We accept all walks of eve-life. Remember though, everybody fights.
• PVP Capital Pilots and T3C/HAC Pilots
• Players who agree to be NBSI in null-sec, and who agree to register on our alliance forums and participate in PVP.

Hard Requirements
• We are recruiting OMEGA grade pilots only.
• Must be able to fly one of our doctrines. Current ships include Muninns, Feroxes, Cerbs, Zealots, Jackdaws. You dont need fly all, but you do need some and word towards the others.
• Must be over 30 days old.
• ESI and Comms interview mandatory. Mandatory auth for mains and alts.

If you think that you have what it takes, you best get in touch with our recruitment officers!

With a community of 3,100+ players spanning mostly US and EU timezones, there will always be friends online to hang out with and do activities.

Please visit our website above, or EVE-Mail me in-game to get more information.

Official Recruiters
Francis Raven
Tai Creire-Geng

Application acceptance subject to a chat on voice comms, discord.

Website | Discord | Killboard

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Recruiting active and social PVPers.

Recruiting active PVPers.

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Recruiting PVPers.

Recruiting PVPers.

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting!

Recruiting people who want to be in nullsec. Will help move assets in.

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We are recruiting!



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We are still recruiting.

We are recruiting!

ExDominion is recruiting!

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