🦅 [EXDOM] US/EU Nullsec - Active and Social PVP Corp

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Happy Birthday EXDOM! 5-years strong.

EXDOM [est. Nov. 2015] is a corporation based in Feythabolis nullsec space with our alliance, Evictus. . We are strong believers in an organized corporation. EXDOM is a multi-faceted corp that enjoys all aspects of the game in a “real life first” atmosphere - however we push for PVP as a primary activity. Corporation Website

• Nullsec. Fully upgraded systems to mine and rat in.
• Full IT infrastructure (Forums, coms, discord).
• Ship replacement programs.
• Ore, PI, and loot buyback program.
• A fun and active community.
• Always PVPing (Corp fleets, alliance fleets, coalition fleets)
• Jumpfreighter logistics in and out of highsec. Your first JF load in is on us!

Join us for great isk-making opportunities, fun times and a huge amount of PVP.

What we are looking for
• People who understand that real-life comes first. Families, work, and friends are all more important than Eve.
• People who like null-sec or want to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. We will move your stuff back to HS.
• PVP, industrials and PVE players. We accept all walks of eve-life. Remember though, everybody fights.
• PVP Capital Pilots and T3C/HAC Pilots
• Players who agree to be NBSI in null-sec, and who agree to register on our alliance forums and participate in PVP.

Hard Requirements
• We are recruiting OMEGA grade pilots only.
• Must be able to fly one of our doctrines. Current ships include Muninns, Feroxes, Eagles, Harpies, Jackdaws. You dont need fly all, but you do need some.
• Must be over 30 days old.
• ESI and Comms interview mandatory. Mandatory auth for mains and alts.

With a community of 3,100+ players spanning mostly US and EU timezones, there will always be friends online to hang out with and do activities.

Please visit our website above, or EVE-Mail me in-game to get more information.

Official Recruiters
Francis Raven
Tai Creire-Geng
Common Clapton

Application acceptance subject to a chat on voice comms, discord.

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Recruiting active and social PVPers.

Recruiting active PVPers.

Bu,p Still Recruiting

Recruiting PVPers.

Recruiting PVPers.

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting!

Recruiting people who want to be in nullsec. Will help move assets in.

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We are recruiting!



Recruiting pilots!

We are still recruiting.

We are recruiting!

ExDominion is recruiting!

Looking for active EU/USTZ pilots!