Exhumer pilot sold


(Galby Gaterau) #1

wallet positive
location hi-sec noghere
+3implants and mining implant 3%
no kill rights
bidding ends at 5.10.2018 19:00 eve time or at b/o 5bil

(Erith Kriger) #2

3 Billion

(Draaz DuGal) #3

3.5 billion

(Galby Gaterau) #4

Character is sold to highest bidder tomorow 19:00 eve time or b/o at 5bil

(Stuu Reborn) #5

3.55 bil

(Draaz DuGal) #6

3.6 billion

(Galbaranth Anderheim) #7


(Itachi TheAvenger) #8

I really want this char! 4 bil offer, send me ingame mail on how the transfer works

(Galby Gaterau) #9

mail sended ingame bidding ends at 19:00 eve time unless someone buy outs character

(Itachi TheAvenger) #10

my offer still is 4bil.

(Galby Gaterau) #11

3 hours left untill auction closes

(Kneck Beard) #12


(Kneck Beard) #13

will this be money or plex transfer?

(Galby Gaterau) #14


(Galby Gaterau) #15

1 hour untill character is sold to highest bidder

(Galby Gaterau) #16

Alright times up Kneck Beard i accept your offer of 4.1bil

(Galby Gaterau) #17

Send isk and account info to my main Galbaranth Anderheim

(Kneck Beard) #18

Sorry i literally just sent it to the toon your selling. Check wallet/mail.

(Galby Gaterau) #19

alright give me about 5-10 minute and i proceed with transfer

(Galby Gaterau) #20

Isk and account info recived character transfer in progress