Sold Closed


  • Exhumer 5

  • T2 Drones

  • Orca Booster ( Maximum Boost )

  • Miner Boost Implant

  • positiv Secstatus

  • positiv Wallet

Start bid at : 18B
Buyout : 25B
Min increment 500mil

14 bil ready now

19 bil

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

19.5 B

Auktion Ends 03,00h Eve Time don´t pass your Chance

1 h left

Auction ending with send the isk from Eve Kanenald im waiting

still selling

I’ll offer 19.5b for this toon

Absolute Truth when sending the isk the toon is yours

isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thank you.

Char Transfer initiated thank you

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