🦘 Expereinced, mature (mid forties) player looking to get back into EVE [AU TZ]

Returning “mid-forties” year old looking to dip my feet back into the pond, so to speak.

Now to be very clear, I spent well north of a decade “no lifing” EVE, I’m not looking to make EVE a job again, my days of alarm clocking OPs and killboard quotas are behind me.

I’m looking for a Corp that:

  • Has leadership that knows what the **** they are doing.
  • has active an active AU presence.
  • has a recruiter that can read……
  • has active an active AU presence. (in case it was missed the first time)
  • Is laid back, preferably an older demographic, or at the very least a mature demographic.
  • RL > this game
  • I really hate moving…so if you’ve lived in the same spot for a while that would be nice.

About me

  • I scaled back on EVE in 2018 after 13 years, sold off most of my characters and a big chunk of my empire business (BPO’s etc.). Played a few hours here and there with my teenage kid on the couple of characters I kept since then.
  • I parked this toon and one alt in horde for the past 2 years, the expectation being they would have removed me due to inactivity after a couple of months, they did not.
  • Between 2005 and 2018, I have served in a wide variety of prestigious corps and alliances and wasted(?) more of my life in “spaceship wars” than I care to recall.
  • Can field almost anything sub cap quite well on this toon; I can also field t2seige/fitted dread. (I can also afford one)….yes capital ships 5, JDC 5 and all that jazz.
  • Have logi alt (logi 5, all races)
  • I am self-sufficient. I don’t require handouts.
  • No interested in EVE politics

My interests

In addition to putting holes in things….

  • I wouldn’t mind trying some of the newer elements of the game, CRAB bacon, filaments etc.
  • I’m probably not going to respond to cookie cutter offers……unless they are funny and or creative.

Outside of eve

  • I play rust with some of my old EVE Corp mates (who don’t play eve anymore).
  • I hate long walks on the beach.
  • Currently on the market for a farm in Tasmania


I don’t mind proving full access to all scopes as part of your vetting process.

If you have a questions or concern, be an adult, and ask questions. If you’re not satisfied, no hard feelings.

[AUTZ PEW] [Super Serious OP Gaming PVP] - Agartha Forgeries has sent a friend request to your BALLZ


Agartha forgeries is a corporation that believes every player in the game should taste our balls. Who better to start that on than our enemies!

We are currently on active deployment in the south! This means that we are shoving our balls into our current wartargets using the methods:

  • Blackops CANCER

  • Blackops baiting

  • Balls out cucking the bads with good ships

  • Targeted and focused nano gang roams

  • Waterboarding and whaling

We are looking for players that are willing to either learn to thrive or to thrive in a primarily PVP environment. There is a constant option for content. So choose us to choose the content. If that isnt enough, We offer ratting and solo/small gang SRP. So your tiny wallet doesnt get any smaller!

Isk making include:

  • Mining our target’s moons

  • Scamming our target’s public doctrine contracts

  • WH crabbing

  • Bait ratting (where we rat with a bait ship and a cyno)

  • Insanely stupid levels of SRP

  • Random free injectors and bundles of isk.

  • Every other traditional form of PVE

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