Experienced miners wanted to 0.0, EU evenings

Hello Miners,

The Adversity Corporation has recently settled in a new 0.0 home and we now have all services and a well-stocked market up and running. We cater for all opportunities that 0.0 offers (PvP, industry, ratting/ sites, PI etc.). We are a friendly community of veteran EVE players, who welcome like-minded individuals to come share the wealth. We believe the corporation is only as good as its members, so we value each member and support them in any way we can.

We are recruiting experienced miners to expand our mining operations in 0.0. Specifically, I am looking for skilled miners and industrialists to run daily mining fleets (Moon ore, ore and ice) at EU evenings between 21:00 – 24:00 CET.

This is what we can programme offer:

  •      Mature playing environment
  •      Discord
  •      Logistics to/ from Jita
  •      All industrial infrastructure (refine, build research etc.)
  •      Moon mining and reactions
  •      Mining boosts
  •      Ore/ PI etc. buyback programme (85% Jita price)
  •      Access to a very comprehensive range of BPCs
  •      Support for all industrial projects
  •      Corporation tax 10%
  •      NO compulsory mining OPs or fees
  •      NO Compulsory alliance fleet OPs

At the Adversity Corporation we understand that family comes first, so we optimize our EVE operations carefully. If you are looking to make a home at the edge of the world, please come to our recruitment channel Adversity Public or drop me a mail.

Thanks for reading, fly safe,


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