Expert System icons are blocking Master info on my Ship Tree

How do I remove Expert Systems icons from my Ship Tree window? There seems to be no option to remove them. They are Enforcer Expert Systems and Space Exploration Expert mainly and some times the Faction Warfare Expert System icon. I tried activating all 4 of the Expert Systems on my character to make the icon go away, but that didn’t work. The FW Expert System is only available in the NES store, and i’m not spending 150 plex to make an icon go away (which so far has shown to not work.) I logged into my other characters to use up ALL expert systems so that there is nothing in my Redeem Items window in case that causing the icons. That did not work.

Some of my ships are unhindered by the Expert Systems icon. Like my Burst shows Mastery II. My Navitas shows Mastery I. Do i have to train ALL the skills that the expert systems represent to make the icon disappear??

If this is not a bug, this seem like a Quality of Life issue. Players should be able to toggle off the Expert Systems icon on the Ship Tree, so that their Master information displays properly. I have a bunch of skills completing over night, and it would be nice to be able to view my progress without this icon hindering my view. And right clicking every ship to see where I am at in mastery is very cumbersome.

Edit: I just blew the theory about training all expert system skills in a ship. My Burst still has skills that are not trained, but are covered by the Expert System. Yet the Burst remains unhindered by the Expert System icon. So I don’t know what gives.

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Following - I too want them gone.

Yeah, this is absolutely infuriating.

Please CCP this is annoying, I want to see my mastery level and I already have the ships in question unlocked so why are these useless expert systems blocking important UI… You’d think after 20 years of managing a UI based MMO they’d be half decent at UI design.

Mastery isnt important as you think it is

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Though Mastery is not 100% accurate per ship, and the system definitely needs a pass and revamp, I would guestimate that Mastery skills are on average about 85% accurate to the effective flying of your ship.

An example of a miss on the Mastery system is the Venture. There are no drone training skills for the Venture though drones are a vital form of defense for the Venture. This is a miss by CCP.

If players hate and denigrate the Mastery system much further than this, they are just falling for the cliche bandwagon to hate on the same thing and join the bandwagon. and maybe “achieve” validation for a “hot take” and subsequent dopamine rush.