Expiration date math for anchored secure containers?

How exactly are expiration dates/times calculated for anchored secure containers? is this documented anywhere?


30 days unless opened, in which case the 30 days resets again.

It used to be documented in the Eve wiki, but it might be on the eve-uni wiki now (can’t find it there though).

I know it’s 30 days, but how exactly is this calculated?

We anchored two containers, one right before DT and one right after. We have confirmed that the “Expires In” counter ticks down at the time the container was anchored. Thus, one of these containers read “0 days” right before DT and the other read “0 Days” right after DT. However, both were expired on the next day at DT. Thus, the “30 days” must actually be 30 days + some amount of time less than a full day.

Any ideas on that? Any documentation that is more precise?

From the last time you took an action on the Secure Container, you start counting down from 2592000 and before you reach 0 you’d better have done an action on it again or it will be destroyed. :laughing:


That’s pretty definitive. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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