Expiry of anomalies - what is their lifetime

I’m building a tool to keep track of anomalies of any kind. I wonder about the lifetime of any kind of anomaly if kept untouched.

How long does these site exist until they got expired:

  • Relic Site
  • Data Site
  • Ghost Site
  • Gas Site
  • Ore Site
  • Event Site (e.g. Crimson Harvest)
  • Faction Site
  • Anomaly / Plex
  • Combat Site
  • Wormhole

Any reliable information is highly appreciated.

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CCP has done a bunch of little stealth changes over the years and they’re the only ones who can say for sure.

Most Cosmic Signature and Anomaly lifespans range from 3 to 5 days, depending on the type.

Event sites are probably coded to respawn in a different location after each downtime. Probably get some good info with a google search. Or just find an empty out of the way system and log time with site ID’s.

Anyway, good luck with your project, sounds like it could be a useful tool.

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