Explain refitting during combat

I keep reading posts here and there where posters talk about refitting during combat. Just kick out a mobile depot and refitt… or one guy was talking about kicking out a sisters of eve BS from his capship and refitting that way.

I keep thinking “What?! DURING COMBAT? Like, while you are targeted, while people are firing at you?” Although I’m perfectly fine with the idea, something tells me CCP wouldn’t be, so I think I’m missing something.

What’s the ‘catch’? There must be some rule or mechanic, like “as long as you haven’t fired at the guy yet” or whatever.


Nowadays you’ll have to wait for your weapons timer to disappear and then you can refit. As long as you don’t use any offensive modules, it’ll keep ticking down


Used to be possible at anytime, but the capability was limited as described above by Nana, during the original capital rebalance.

For a good explanation of how it used to be used in action with Triage Carriers:


you realize that when you drop your nestor, you have a high probability to see it blown up by reds quickly and it will cost you several hundreds of millions?

That’s a common tactic used by supers to refit, because you can refit immediately using the property of the nestor floating in space beside you instead of waiting for a mobile depot to anchor up. When you fly a 20B ship, losing a nestor is not a big loss.

But it is a question of risk/reward.

CCP had no problem with that until now

Yeah I figured that. Didn’t say I wanted to do it. Just asking what the mechanics of refitting in combat are.

Oh? Explain.

explain? i just mean that using a nestor to refit when you fly a super has never been said by ccp to be an exploit, or a reason for ban.
As i explained it is just a new sort of mobile depot, that you can use immediately, but which costs you 500 millions, instead of a normal mobile depot, which requires 1 min to anchor, but costs 1 million

We may be having some kind of miscommunication. You said “CCP had no problem with that… UNTIL NOW” (emphasis added by me). I just wondered what you meant by “until now.” Have they said they have a problem with it now? Have they announced a change?

oh sorry i had not understand. No, nothing announced. It was a reaction to your “Although I’m perfectly fine with the idea, something tells me CCP wouldn’t be”.

can you put the nestor back in the hold after having used it ?

One of CCP’s more absolutely ■■■■■■■ retarded ideas. Killed solo hunting battleships in paticular maureders stone dead and left low sec a ghost town. Because of depots no one can ever complain about being blobbed or bat phones while in a battleship because it needs 8x standard fits to hold one.

They’ll drop depot after depot meaning you need to take dps off them for 5 mins straight which is going to see you dead in any solo engagement. If you don’t dps chain depots then you better have 8 points because they’ll fit 8 warp stabs & a mjd and cap boosters and do 1. Warp scams are a long standing smooth brain idea from CCP yet to be removed.

Only if no one is locking it or you wait out your timer.

I thought not being locked was a requirement for boarding the ship…

Well I never tried to put a ship back in hold while it is locked.

Might be a low sec thing but you can’t scoop a ship with criminal timer. To prevent people evacing ships through high sec by scooping them into Orca’s and jumping the gate.

Depot doesn’t take much damage to reinforce, at that point it is unusable

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