FW: Refit in Plex

Is it possible to refit your ship using a mobile depot after seeing a ship coming in from D-scan? Is there enough time?

Most likely, no.

A couple of factors play into this… Primarily, you cannot refit until you have cleared your weapons timer. This takes a minute and was implemented to prevent some of the rather interesting but overpowered tactics used by capital ships (carriers would swap out over heated modules with fresh one or the like).

If you had no timer, you could swap out. However it becomes a matter of how fast you could do so before they land. It may be risky.

Why not just plan to fight in the first place? Most FW PLEX rats are weak and could be handled easily by a PvP ship.

Right. I was more thinking about swapping out different racial ecms when I see a player approaching on dscan, instead of using multispectural or fitting a full rainbow. Thanks for responding!

it was added because the tactic would have become overpowered with the new capital mods and i’m not sure it was worth removing one of the most skill intensive aspects of pvp to add them

as for OP i would test to see if you can. iirc you can’t anchor one within the capture radius but i’m not 100%. with that said i know if i was D-scaning a plex and saw something like a griffin and an MTU or saw only an MTU i would not go in. What i’m saying is you may lose fights having it sitting around

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