Mobile Depots

When testing out my Revelation to change the guns while in space, I launched the MD and activated it. Then I unloaded the mega pulse lasers to the fleet maint. bay but when I tried to install smart bombs, either from the fleet maint bay or from the depot, they would not load onto the ship. So I must be doing something wrong. Help me out if you are able to.

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be sure to not have an active aggression timer and to be able to fit those SB.

he woudnt be able to unfit the guns if he had a timer.

I was just shooting at some npc rats so no real aggression timer.

got a screenshot or video showing what you are doing?

AFAIK it should work unless you have a 1min weapons timer, but since you took the guns off that shouldn’t be a problem.

you would if you were in siege mode, used smart bombs, etc. but if you werent in siege, no smartbombs, then idk…

Found the problem. Thought all I had to do was drag and drop items back and forth. Have to right click on MD in space to open cargo. Inventory screen comes up. Then have to right click on MD in inventory screen and click on “Use Fitting service”. Then a regular in station fitting screen pops up and installing modules is straight forward from there. Seems a little convoluted considering you can drag and drop a module installed on the ship into the ships fleet hanger or cargo bay.

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Oh and I tested being in siege. Fitting service still works.

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NPC aggression timer does prevent you from swapping out weapons

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hmm, when i run sites with my 2 nags, Im always able to refit with the yellow npc timer, its the smartbombs or siege I thought that always gave me the red player timer, I know for a fact hte SB will do this, but assumed the siege did as well. I guess I stand corrected.

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