Exploit or..?

Found out yesterday there is a way to make POS guns shoot to over 1000 km, even though the gun itself is said to only have a targeting range of 500km.
Seems like an exploit?
People are using this to protect ansiblex gates and maybe other anchorables; it seems like an over powered additional defence item to have ongrid with any other citadel…

Can someone tell me if this is an actual exploit or if everyone in eve is green lit to utalise this feature please?

if its possible an exploit, submit a ticket to CCP and let them answer that for you

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It isn’t on the list of known exploits:

and there hasn’t been a recent notification from CCP that it is considered an exploit.

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t consider it an exploit when they find out about it; and they have been known to retrospectively punish players that benefited from an exploit up to the point that is was declared as one.

However, no one in the forum can answer your question about it being greenlit. Raise a support ticket.

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I got a ship reimbursed once when killed from above 500km by a POS, submit a ticket.

It seems bugs are a thing in EvE, and there are a lot of bugs with old POS code.


and someone could be using some security status bugs and some module fitting bugs and some map distance bugs don’t you think?

this has been a thing for a while now. CCP hasnt said its an exploit.

every day i find out this game is full of bugs, exploits and cheats. nothing surprises me anymore.

Every day I find out, there is a steady stream of ignorant players not willing to learn.


there’s a video out there of a player blatantly using chat commands to break locks and scrams on him and then teleport himself to safety. go figure!

No there is no video of that. There is a video showing an CCP employee doing it as part of an agreement with his internal affairs department. Go figure!


give me proof of that or shut up u sound as bad as flat earthers.

honestly, what that ccp employee was right. nobody has ever used it in actual engagements.

whatever. i can’t do anything more than point the factual evidence to you. if you choose not to believe what you see with your very own eyes, then you are delusional and i can’t help you. good luck living in your bubble universe!

But you still haven’t even done that…


If only there was an exploit to prevent badposters from posting…


yeah, you would be silenced then.

meh, trumps one of the good guys… hey yo…

Maybe we should vote him for CSM or president of the eve-o forums. :smirk:

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