The truth about Adrian Vexier!

Lol, just found this thread. I’m always wondering why people still fall for all the highsec shenanigans, but here is proof again.

Adrian is a suspect baiter and war deccer, he never suicide ganks, but is passionate about his play style. I killed his Nereus once (it’s easy if you know it’s weakness). Bait Nereus abyssal fit.

Also Abyssal MWDs and drugs/imps are a thing, did you scan his Mach fit, instead of throwing around baseless assumptions? The bumping is to get the miners angry, and trick them into shooting first.

Next, do you know wormholes? Another trivial explanation besides clones why people can seemingly be in two distant places in short time.

Oh, and one more, the rook had no tank and ECM are useless in a 1:1 situation, because you can always lock and shoot the jammer. So you are right regular game mechanics allow to ignore jammers.

For reference: 10 hour fights not fun - #50 by Tipa_Riot

Hint: the fit has a giant EM hole.


read again what I wrote. have someone read it and explain it to you because it seems you are too thick to understand. here I’ll give it to you one more time: it’s not that he continuously bump, it’s THE SPEED he bumps with. 3720 m/s constant. just two bumps and he already pushes an orca more than 100 km out of a field. that is really annoying!

yes he never suicide ganks because for some reason concord never attacks him…

this might make sense.

you forgot to mention hacx3r and che4t3r.

You just don’t understand the mechanics of EvE. It’s good, some have to play the food. I have no reason to educate those. :wink:


I have been playing eve for more than 15 years. i believe I know a thing or two about it. my group is also comprised of over a decade veterans.
don’t try to defend this h4ck3r. he clearly uses some tricks…

My last serious post on this topic: you can continue to believe in your own alternative facts or start learning the game.


@Tipa_Riot you were moaning about losing a ship to an exploit and getting it replaced by ccp on this thread

i find it funny that you play the high-horse game on this thread. kind of hypocrite, don’t you think?

i cant decide if you are adrians alt looking for fame, a clueless butthurt victim or a troll. maybe all 3 .

but as you keep being told everytime you bring this up in chat or a new thread , he is a suspect baiter and understands the rules of the game better than you.


skirm links and high grade snake pod, there’s also abyssal mods

none of you definitively explain how he does all those things. you just say that he knows the game mechanics but fail to explain anything and resort to insult and belittle me. typical griefer mentality.
i made this post to draw attention to some people abusing the game and start a mature conversation about it. but you lot came in and hijacked it!

can you make a machariel go 3720 m/s?

you only need 500 dps if i remember correctly, he also probably switched ships at the last minute for lols .

its possible he was shooting the citadell and got killed /podded back to highsec, reshipped and got a quick kill. must still have aggro on the cit so he got on the mail thats why he had a ? instead of a ship.

he knows what he is doing lol that is all, ecm doesnt work 1v1

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Yes, just fitted it up in pyfa for shits and giggles.
Overheated cormacks 500mn, faction lows. High grade snake set, +6 nav implants and overclocker IV booster already gave me 3712 m/s.
Didn’t even bother to apply rigs and links to the fit after that.
Take a look into pyfa fitting instead of using the gimpy ingame fitting.

500 dps is not enough to pause the timer. and if he switched the ships it would have shown the daredevil for the ship and the gun from the other ship. that is why we have killmails of citadels being killed by orcas with disintegratos. that is not what we see in his killmail. @Aaaarrgg you clearly have a lot to learn about the game

where is his lossmail than? busted!

yes that we agree on. but is what he is doing legal?

send me the fit and implant set in game. and post a screenshot of the fit here

If you think it’s not, report him and see where it goes.
But don’t cry inhere with easily debunkable claims like the mach speed.


That’s the point dude, ingame it won’t work unless you invest into buying all that.
Use pyfa to simulate it, takes 5 minutes installation included.

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how many cits have you killed, i have killed many hundreds

why would that be as he would be shooting with the daredevil for the last few % of hp so thats the guns that would show, the orca and the disintegrator guns example wouldnt likely be shooting after switching into the orca so the disintegrator guns from the old ship show ie last shots fired.

someone has not posted it yet


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See, added some rando rigs and already at 4000+
Will be more if you add maxed skirm links.

ok this is a good simulation. it seems he really likes bling. we will analyze it.
but what about his 5.1 sec status?