Exploration Career Agent (1 of 5) buged?

I am doing exploration career agent mission (1 of 5) Cosmic Anomalies. When I reach the Anomaly training site, I get a message to look for a training container and retrieve proof. But I dont see any container. I tried it in different sites at different systems. But doesn’t seem to work.

Make sure that you are zoomed out far enough to see the container in space or that your overview is setup to show Cargo Containers. Warp to 0 km into the pocket.

Be aware that since multiple people can run these sites, it’s definitely possible to get to one to find that somebody has looted the container before you. The last time I did this, if you just hang out in the pocket for a few minutes, the container will respawn and you will be able to open it.

Thanks it worked when i zoomed out.


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