Exploration corporations

Hello, i am a new player in the search of a exploration/science corporation, as i said i am kinda new and i may don’t know every single aspect of the game( in fact i am very sure i don’t know ) also searching for players with the same hobby’s and activities to play with
I am interested in exploring the EVE universe, but also a bit of pvp, i recently discovered how much ISK a wormhole ‘‘raid’’ as i call it can bring so a ‘‘wormhole corporation’’ can be wonderful
Some backstory:
I am 17 years old
Speaking decent to good english
I am Romanian( nationality)
I also search for a corp that is using discord, i find it more cool and easy to communicate with it

I appreciate every offer
Thank you in advance :wink:

EVE Scout is the best exploration corporation, don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

To help you on your journey, here’s some guides :slight_smile:

If you end up liking exploration, come stop by our Discord :slight_smile: Link on the guide website. Definitely try one of the fresh off the boat new player corporations for a couple months, first, though.

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Please check us out. We are living in null sec, its more profitable than wh. And i am also roman, daca vrei sa vi la noi in corp, esti bine venit.

Thx, i’m gonna watch them

Okay, as dorii daca se poate :wink:
Totusi, sa-mi dai mai multe informatii despre

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