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Newbro question. I presume all cosmic anomalies are regenerated at downtime each day? If that is the case then I presume the premium time for searching for relic site loot would be just after downtime?

They are not regenerated at downtime

Thanks so are they randomly regenerated? Is there some sort of logic involved in regeneration? After a set of relics have been cleared what ‘could’ be the algorithm of regeneration. I have noticed that after scanning down some I warp to find only vacant space. How often do they get cleared after being looted and how often are they placed?

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I put my “Ward” here because im interesed in the same question …

No one knows for sure. The common wisdom is that once they are cleared, they immediately respawn… somewhere. Exactly how large a geographical space that is unknown, but where they appear is thought to be purely random.

So an area that is depleted of signatures likely means someone has passed through recently. Your best bet to find them is head to out of the way systems like highsec islands where they tend to accumulate.

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Once one is done it respawn in another system I’ve heard more than once that in the same region it’s how most systems have no anoms and some very rarely traveled systems stockpile a dozen or more sigs which were done elsewhere

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OP Some people say that this spawn region is per constellation, and some will say that’s its per region. But I think that I will have to agree with Black Pedro and say that no one truly knows for sure.

It most certainly is not per constellation, that’s quite easily testable by scanning and bookmarking everything in a smallish constellation and then killing one relic site. I’ve done that.

If you hack a lot and are lucky you’ll notice that sometimes once you clear a site, the same type of site respawns after a few second in the same system, so I’m fairly certain the respawn is immediate and in the same region.

The sites tend to pile up in rarely visited systems (check dead ends, especially high sec islands in low sec) until someone clears them there.

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I agree: it is not per constellation. If it was, in a constellation with 6 systems, you could have 6 corpmates, one in each system, and as soon as a relic/data is cleared, a new one would spawn in one of the 6 systems, which could be cleared, and again and again. So people could chain hacking, earn many isks, and without moving away from the constellation
I don’t even know if it is in the same region…

Another question for me is: if you clear, for example, a relic site, will the new site (spawning somewhere else) be a relic? a relic or normal data? a relic/normal data/ sleeper cache? a random cosmic sig (relic/data/ combat site)?

eve is mysterious, even after several years of explo…

I love this game

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