Exploration Stepping Out

Besides the Agency, do most Explorers just jump around and hope to find sites, or is there a method to the madness…thx…

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I just jump around… usually running pirate relic sites in lower-class wormholes.

For me it’s also just jumpin’ and hoping i will find a good Gas site :slight_smile: I may be just a noob but for me it brings kinda an uneven ISK/hr, sometimes I may spend 20mins just to find a WH and a gas site in it, and sometimes I just jump into a higher class one (but you gotta be extremely lucky to find that from HS) and find a ton of C540 Fullerite… With this much relying on luck and stuff I just feel like there’s more to it…

I usually check the map to view system stats and find areas with low amount of jumps, low population, low NPC kills, etc.

Mainly looking for groups of systems connected together or a pipeline of systems to fit that criteria. After getting a few of those set up, I then set destination and upon reaching those ‘Routes’, I start scanning / bookmarking sites and run the ones that my current ship can do, then I’ll change ships and complete the other sites.

Rinse and Repeat.

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First of all you can use some outgame services like http://anoik.is/
Second look for pirates relics/data sites in c1-3 only.
Third create system of bookmarks you sign your way.
Fourth don’t lose your probes)

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Thanks for the answer, humour and link. The Anoik site at first glance will take some time, in fact, what the heck is it, but I will invest to learn…

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From the current responses, looks like most ignore the Agency window and jump around, seems like a real lottery in this career, I would like to try lower sec, but my ISK account versus risk of investment at this time doesn’t warrant it. Plus the speed of my scanning needs to improve so I can minimize the “death” risk.

Experience is a main answer for your scanning speed. There are a huge mountain of guides in YouTube. Risk vs reward is good in 0sec or wh. So you should understand how to survive in wh and how to come through gate camps. And one relic site can pay for 10 scanships. So you can have a fat buffer of scan ships. This is discord chat about scan and scan ships https://discord.gg/W5Ut9Sb so you can ask some questions there.

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I tend to just bum around until I either:

a - Find a site worth running
b - Find someone to kill
c - Find a site worth running and someone’s already there so I kill them and run the site
d - Die horribly

It’s all very relaxed. I think to enjoy this game fully and soak up the atmosphere, making isk can’t be your main focus.


I print out a map of my region and design a lap for me to go around. Ideally, by the end of my journey, I’d be back where I started and drop off my loot, then repeat.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map It helps to make any route you want.

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I usually start and end with"D"

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