Explorer fit: MWD/AB useful?

It seems that all the fits I have seen for Exploration frigates use either a MWD or AB.

I have 2 different ships I Explore with. A Magnate and an Executioner. Both have only three mid slots. I find the most useful fit is Relic Analyzer, Data Analyzer, Cargo Scanner. Early on I would drop one of the three for a MWD. However, I came up with the idea of dropping a bookmark on grid as I am warping to the site. I bounce the bookmark between cans. After that, I found I didn’t use the MWD at all so I dropped it.

I had seen a youtube of a player who said she fitted the MWD to travel quickly between sites. I find on average the amount of travel time is about the same (quicker for farther cans, slower for close ones). Having both analyzers and the scanner more than make up for any possible travel deficiency.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to come up with this idea. Is there some other reason that I am missing that I need a prop mod for Exploration? Thanks

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Your method is fine, but not having an mwd can get you killed. Cloaky mwd trick is very strong, you should learn it and embrace it asap.

Your other options: drop the data analyzer. A lot of players will opt to skip data sites entirely because they don’t pay out nearly as well as relic sites.
Use an integrated analyzer, the 2 in 1 hacking tools. These tend to be pricey and I wouldn’t suggest it on a magnate. Astero, maybe, but it’s got 4 mids anyway.

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I carry a Moblie Depot so I can refit in space when I need a different module for a particular task.

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Typically, I seem to scan down whatever is not loaded which is why I like both. If I decide not to load the data analyzer, I fit a scan rangefinder. I sometimes don’t have quite enough scan strength to complete a level three data/relic site. It gets annoying when I can get to 98% and no more.

I haven’t upgraded to omega yet so I can’t use a cloak. When I do I will embrace.

How safe is a mobile depot? I’d be worried about being scanned down while using it.

Yes, obile depots can be scanned down if you decide to leave it out and store your goodies in there, some people will reinforce them and come back to kill them on the chance they drop loot, but it’s extremely uncommon. You’re pretty safe to use one, if you see combat probes just pick it back up and move.

Even if you can’t fit a cloak having an mwd will allow you to crash a gate or burn out of point range. Basically consider it a survival tool more than anything, it’s ultimately up to you if you want to fit it or not.

I see your point about that. I really haven’t had any issues with gate camps yet. My align time is under 2 secs, but if I land in a bubble that is an issue.

If I had dual Warp Stabilizers would that help with gate busting? I am not exactly sure how they work, but I am guessing I wouldn’t be dragged out of warp on the way to a gate. And on jumping into the system, the camper would need to scram me from close distance with more than one. Is this accurate?

It takes 60 seconds to spawn, and a very few seconds more to actually refit your ship. You could be scanned-down in that time, but it hasn’t happened to me yet - maybe I’ve just been lucky.

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yes a prop mod is useful for several reasons

  1. to escape bubble camps. warp core stabs do nothing when you are in a bubble. Only the prop mod cycle can help you to escape the bubble (cloaked) or run back to the gate. You have not faced it yet because you told me that you were doing explo in quite empty areas. Believe me, you will soon meet them, when you come to more active null sec :wink:
  2. some relic sites make you land at 50km. And in some sites cans are far from each other. Prop mod helps
  3. it seems you like explo. You will improve and will start doing more difficult sites: ghost sites, sleeper caches etc; A prop mod will be required

convo me in game :wink:


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