Extension for Blaze skins? Or mabie a loan from a generous player?

The current skins for raising money for CCP Blaze’s family have come at a really bad time.

I would love to get them all but at this time of the year and with stuff going on I simply can not do it as much as I want to.

Would there be any way to extend this sale CCP to some time in the new year when my money constraints loosen a bit?

If some one is willing to buy them for me that is an option to and I will pay you back in the new year and while EVE does have a reputation for people screwing others I have no desire for that to be a memory attached to this “event” to raise money for his family so no screwing would happen unless that is part of the loan agreement :wink:

I just really want to help out and the skins look awesome to boot.

You can’t afford the $5 to buy 110 PLEX and then the Armageddon skin?

If you are that hard up, stop beating yourself up over it. People give what they can in such situations and if you can’t, don’t stress over it.

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I have gotten the Armageddon skin I just wish I had time to get the rest as ignoring the good cause for a second they are very nice skins.

I only wish there was one for my Vaga because dang that skin would look good on a Vaga.

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