Wts Helmatts Harriers skins for plex price - 10 plex

Wts Rattlesnake and Worm Helmatt’s Harriers skin for plex cost of skin - 10 plex

Contract the Rattlesnake skin to Me.

Contract Up!

Worm Skin Still FOR SALE!!

I’ll take the Worm skin, can claim contract later tonight :slight_smile:

Contract Up Thank you!

Buddy when are you gonna claim the contract?

The contract you sent me was for 100 plex :upside_down_face:. If you would like to recontract it for the 10 plex you offered it for I will gladly accept. Also sorry for the late reply have got the flu :mask:.

No what i meant was the plex cost of the skin - 10 plex. as in subtract 10 plex from the price of the skin lol. The price of the skin is actuall 110 plex if you want to buy that instead.

Anways still selling. Original price is 110 plex selling for 100 plex

Man I feel so bloody dumb, will fly to jita and claim it today. Tryed to log in and claim it just but I have to have the plex in Jita Hangar :frowning: So sorry about that dude lol

Still haven’t accepted my contract. Still selling for 100 plex!

Claimed apologies for the time it took :ok_hand:

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