Eye of Ra now recruiting

Hello Pilots,

My name, as you know, is Julian. I have recently returned from a trip out-galaxy and have found the corporation I once belonged to empty of members and myself the new CEO. How quaint. I don’t know where everyone went or why. I also do not care.

I am looking for new members for the Eye of Ra. We were usually only a group of 3 like-minded individuals. At one point we teamed up and integrated the Hounds of Basgerin into our fold. Not all, mind you. Just some. We were pirate hunters and industrialists. Money-makers to the extreme. Our goals were high and the ISK flowed like water.

I would like to see this happen again. As such, I am looking for pilots to join who are interested in running certain aspects of the corp. As I currently only have access to a Chromebook, and thus cannot actually access the server, I require a trustworthy individual to help me with the day to day running of the corporation. A CFO, if you will.

Please, contact me directly if you are interested. I will continue to accept requests until all of the open positions are filled. For more information on the positions available, please message me.

Thank you and I look forward to you joining my team.

Juliam Bariman
CEO, Eye of Ra

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