[F-OFF] Federation of Freedom Fighters looking for alliance to join

Federation of Freedom Fighters [F-OFF] are looking to join an established alliance.

About Us:
A lot of us are older pilots ranging from 90m-200m SP with considerable eve knowledge, but we do have a couple newbros that are playing and are staying interested in the game.

We’ve lived in null sec most of our eve career. We’ve just recently moved out of null sec to venture into the Merc side. However, where we moved isn’t the best place to gain contracts or recruit members. We’ve decided to start looking elsewhere for content due to the fact recruitment, in high sec is pretty rough now which in turn our corp isn’t growing as fast as we would like.

We were in E.B.O.L.A., in Great Wildlands, with a different corp called “Fractured Synthetics” but recently left due to some hardships and some foresight on their current campaign. We left at the right time but, we moved to a dead region to attempt to re-start a merc corp we used to own in the past.

OId Corp Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98532839/

[F-OFF] Corp Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1316448553/

What we have:

  • PvP Oriented Players
  • Age Group: 25+ average 30 yrs old
  • Members: Currently 28 Members, and slowly growing
  • Timezone: Mainly USTZ, but we have a few that are EUTZ.
  • Activity: At prime time we have anywhere from 6-12 active members.
  • Caps: Most of use can fly Caps and also have alts with caps.
  • Titans: He he, we can tell you later.
  • Current Comms: Discord (We can use w/e though)

What we want:

  • We want a well established alliance that can hit Primarily USTZ and Secondary EUTZ
  • Must have established systems such as SRP or Industry backbone.
  • Allow corps to rent or place structures
  • We generally want a more mature laid back alliance without all the screaming and drama.
  • Alliance must have a sense of “corp freedom” and not micro manage every player in alliance corps every chance they get. (We are big boys, we can fly too.)
  • We would prefer either a High Sec merc alliance or a pure Null sec alliance.
  • We ABSOLUTLEY want an alliance that is hellbent on winning and having fun.

What we DON’T want:

  • Beaten and battered alliance struggling to pull themselves out of a hole.
  • Bitter Vet Alliance
  • Null Sec NRDS alliance
  • A merge with another corp. We absolutely refuse to do this. My guys fly with me and we have an extremely strong bond. This is the main reason why we refuse.

What we aim to do:

  • Win
  • Have Fun
  • Grow
  • Establish camaraderie with other corps within the alliance
  • Get more Green on our killboards :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or any of my diplos

Corporation CEO: Mokey PYD
Corporation Diplomats: Major Riven, Zhon Finel, Dalan Darkstar, and ChronoLynx

say hello to riven for me.

Will Do :slight_smile:

My corp would be interested in an alliance we do manufacturing stuff so we could make some ships for you below market value if we where in an alliance with us

Sorry this post is done, we found an alliance that suits our needs.

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