[F-PHI] Fake Philanthropists - A Low Sec PvP Corporation established in 2011 is recruiting

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As a progressive corporation and one that prides itself on its knowledge of New Eden, we are always looking to fly with the best pilots in the business. A fun, professional environment creates a great team and ultimately leading to a great content to our pilots and new recruits. If you are driven, enthusiastic, and looking for a rewarding environment, then come and be a part of the team.

Are you ambitious and driven by player-vs-player (pvp) and lowsec fleet doctrine warfare? Do you relish the challenge of hitting moving targets and stationary objects? Do you want to exceed your own personal expectations and reap the rewards of being a lowsec pvper?

At Fake Philanthropists we set the barometer of high performance in pvp. Originally founded in 2011 we had a strong group of pirate pvpers living in the regions Black Rise, Sinq Laison and Placid, where we regularly and consistently created content and great memories. This was no accident. We know the game inside out and we know what it takes to be a success, individually and collectively. Our leadership has over 30 years’ combined experience in New Eden so they know all that is needed to guide you. Our investment in people, methods and thoerycrafting gives our corporation the greatest opportunity to be a success.

Whether you are new to pvp or have several years’ experience already under your belt, we will improve your ability, increase your bravery and ensure you perform at the highest possible level.

Types of activity we would like to partake (subject to the recruitment plan):

*ESS roaming
*Wormhole pvp
*Structure Warfare

If you crave this kind of content and the rewards it brings we would love to hear from you.
Please join our public channel ‘F-PHI’ for more details or contact Tamicho or Solacc.


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