Faction Campaign Feedback

EDIT: @CCP_Aurora and @CCP_Trash_Panda I thought I would tag you two since I believe you all are working on this

After about a month of running the Faction Campaigns, I just wanted to provide some feedback for any developers working on it.

1.) First, myself and I know plenty of others in FW have enjoyed it. It is awesome to see how the universe changes through player actions. There should be more promotion around this.
2.) It would be great if there was a chart that showed how many points are earned through holding certain systems, turning in items, etc.
3.) There could be multiple objective options for each faction to accomplish their main goal. I feel like Gallente do not have any chance in meeting either of their current campaign goals because they are unable to capture any system in Serthoulde constellation. I have not seen a single Triglavian Data site captured by Gallente yet.

I don’t see how, in your explanation, the “because” part explain the “do not have any chance” part. Can you explain why they are unable to capture any system? Is there any game mechanic that prevent the Gallente from capturing a system?

It was mentionned in the last video of “The Scope” on Eve Online’s Youtube channel that Vard and Egmar were captured by the Minmatar militia, among numerous other systems. What is it that Minmatar can do that Gallente can’t ? You could be right, but maybe provide more detail on the why.

I can only speculate that you mean the fight is concentrated in one constellation for Cal-Gal campain, while Am-Min having 3 constellations to cover. But then, Galente militia can group up and focus on one system to start, then another, etc.

But when I look at the Agency for the Serthoulde constellation, only Reshard is contested… at 0.7% So now I’m wonderinf if what you meant is that they have no chance because there is no one fighting for Gallente?

Maybe the Gallente capsuleers should stop suicide ganking (terrorism) in Caldari space and do proper pvp against capsuleers who shoot back :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you are right. What I am basically saying is that GalMil is not participating because they are having enough difficulty in holding what systems they have left. However, as you said, there is multiple reasons for this and things they can do to capture. I just think it would be more dynamic if there were more than way to achieve a Faction Campaign objective with similar time and effort.

I have a heavy bug comming up to me!

What I did yesterday is joining Amarr militia as corporation, then left Amarr a few minutes later… then joined Minmatar militia as corporation… and this character has bad standings with Minmatar, I couldn’t join as an individual this is why I had to join as corporation.

Now if you click on Arya Yeshe in the test server it looks like my corp is not part of any of them, but it shows my character in Minmatar militia.

Now I can’t capture any Amarrian sites or any Minmatar sites.
I have the red war icon on top of the screen telling me I at war against Amarr.

Opened a ticket yesterday.

edit: btw… can we stop asking for ok standings for joining any militia?

Faction Warfare is looking to be great,

Now go the extra mile and prevent neutral pirates from entering plexes and/or being able to use navy ships.


Why in the world would they do that?

Why in the world would neutrals reap all the benefits of navy ships and get to engage us in our sites without any restrictions ?

Sites we work our time to get those navy ships on the markets in the first place lmao …

At the very least, it could be something like a -10% on all resistances if neutral and fighting in a navy site, in a navy ship …

The same reason that someone can fly trig and Edencom ships without ever once shooting a trig? Why would you want to deny the opportunity of your fellow militia members to make money by selling those ships?

Is there a territory control game like FW with Edencom and Trigs atm ?


Those navy ships can still be sold and used, just not without restrictions inside our sites. imo.

Trig systems have restrictions and bonuses, so do Edencom systems…

Why not FW sites / systems ?

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