Faction Warfare Infrastructure Hubs

How the hell do they work now?

From what I’ve been able to gather from various patch notes and forum posts, IHUBs work as such:

  • Capturing (or bashing) an ihub gets you no LP reward inherently.
  • Upgrading the IHUB gets you only 2 things:
    • A reduction to “Station Facility Pricing” in the solar system, which I believe amounts to repair fees and corp office fees (potentially also industry fees)
    • A reduction in Broker fees for market orders and contracts.

There is plenty of outdated information on IHUBs increasing LP rewards in the system, decreasing LP store costs, and Ihubs giving LP when they get bashed. I would like to ask the question: Is this the best way to utilize the IHUB mechanics? Would it not be nice to get an LP reward for sitting there for 30-45 minutes bashing an IHUB? Is there some other way that upgrading the IHUB can benefit players in Faction Warfare?

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