FW LP Question

So im in FW and earning decent LP because minnie is level 3. I’ve heard people talking about waiting and holding my LP until it is worth more? How does this work? When is it worth more or less in regard to the tier of my militia? No concept of supply or demand here, consider me en empty box with maybe a few rocks in it at best lol. low IQ YEAH!!

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Maybe this link might have some answers, it contains a lot of info.


From what I can see just from quickly looking over it, the amount of loyalty points you currently have won’t automatically be increased just because the Faction Tier is increased. The Faction Tier affects how many loyalty points you receive for completing various activities in Factional Warfare. Basically higher Faction Tier = higher reward.

I think the main point is that Militia LP Store items cost less LP’s compared to the other LP Stores. For example, the Apocalypse Navy Issue costs 600,000 LP from the Amarr Navy LP store, but only 250,000 LP from the 24th Imperial Crusade LP store.

Anyway, good luck and keep on fighting the good fight.

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