Faction Warfare: Investing for Fleet Commanders! 20 Billion up for use! (Gallente/Minmatar)

Eden Trade is investing in the Gallente and Minmatar Faction Warfare side! 20 Billion ISK is up for use.

The use of this can be anything that makes sense

Here are a few examples:

  • SRP a fleet/fleets that you will be running (going to take fleets into this frontline to flip it or have a fight coming up)
  • Need fleet ships. I will buy and ship down your whole fleet comp for you to hand out to your members

If you are a Faction Warfare Fleet Commander in Gallente or Minmatar you can tap into this ISK to give the Galmil the edge and lead us to victory!

There will be objectives also posted that any Fleet Commander can take on for an ISK payout! Keep a look out for those.

To take advantaged of this please join the Discord and check in under the Faction Warfare section or message Eden Trade New Eden Trade and Market

The only thing asked of in return is that when assets or SRP fights are being being sponsored that they are recorded or streamed for the rest of the community to view!


First Objective up! SRP for fleets can also be tapped for use for this system!

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All the above are still active! Claim your ISK!

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