Faction Warfare : possible use of Abyssal PvP?

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I was reading the topics about abyssal pvp and I was thinking about our beloved but forsaken Faction Warfare.

Right now everyone and his alt agree that FW missions are broken. They are easily farmed, made in risk averse fits and generally as a source of isk doesn’t have any interaction with the rest of Faction Warfare. To the point that people even keep a farming alt in FW and just go pirate with their pvp main.

Appears abyssal pvp which is instanced pvp. So naturally a first feedback is that it runs counter to the sandbox aspect of Eve : it doesn’t offer interaction with the rest of Eve. And also it makes us even more forsaken since low sec is normally the realm of solo pvp. So potentially on the long run, it will dry low sec even more.

But people do them for the 1 vs 1 it offers without possibility to use alts and call for friends if the fight turns sour.

What would you think to mix abyssal pvp with low sec through FW missions ?

  • Tacking the gate would lead you to an instanced space but the gate itself would be in low-sec, randomly in the warzone. So physically you would still need to cruise the warzone to reach it.

  • A matari pilot when choosing its mission would be put against a slaver pilot. If no enemy player is available, a message could appear in the enemy militia local ( or a dedicated channel) saying that a player opened a mission and the first to reach its own created faction gate could oppose the missioner. Taking the gate would mean accepting the opposing mission.

  • Missions would be only accessible from a certain rank and standing with the FW npc corp. Loosing a mission would mean a standing hit meaning that plexing would be the solution to do missions again. That is to keep people from blowing their own alt or failing the mission on purpose.

Well, that’s the core of the suggestion. That said a few points remain : which type of reward, presence of a dps check rat or not, increased penalty if the opposing player doesn’t show up, eventual impact on the % of the contested system.

What do you think of it ? In your opinion would be there a way to mix pure 1 vs 1 with the sandbox aspect of Eve and make the warzone more populated ?

Ideally as with 1 vs 1 putting more solo pilots in space, with some 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 it would de facto create small gangs roaming the warzone from their way back from the instanced pvp.

Thanks for your feedbacks,


Factions at it’s root is about territory, you want to fight over instances that don’t exist?

-1 Pointless.

Are you even in factions?

Yep i am :slight_smile:

I agree with you about the territory aspect. Which is another problem of FW : since the introduction of citadels, nobody cares about being locked out from a system’s npc stations. The bonus to broker fee is useless with players owned market. Only the industry tax is a advantage.

My post was about FW missions. Right now, doing FW missions is the most disconnected thing you can do in FW : nothing about territory, nothing about pvp, pure risk averse PVE.

So in a way we could just delete them. Or turn them into something attracting new players and pvp oriented while keeping the sandbox aspect.

Deleting them would be best of all. Factions is a PvP activity, the missions turned it into a farming grind.

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I think this is a great idea.

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