Faction Warfare

you don’t lose for killing rats in the complexes ( ccp changed this a good time ago)
you lose for killing players of other empires (podding is worst)
like i use to say avoid podding and you will be fine
missions i don’t know because i never do it because im not a filthyFARMER

Do you have a source I can read regarding this?

naaaa but you can go now on a plex and kill your empire and other empires rats and nothing will happen
thats 100% confirmed

most of the time you apear to lose nothing or close to noting killing other players (killing alies you LOSE A LOT) …
podding apear to be more penalized
same happens wen you kill noobs in beginner corps

thats is anecdotical experience not 100% confirmed

k Well I haven’t had any Gallente Fed standings hits for killing ships and podding for the past week.

nice :smiley:
maybe they change that to
i used to say CCP made FW affect your standing just a lil bit but with your info
that means that FW do not affect your standing at all if you don’t do missions

you should be permanently set -10 to both opposing factions as soon as you join faction war. its only fair.

no its not
they sould return my standing lost before the changes
thats fair :smiley:

not that i need to go on the ■■■■ galente and mimie systems but just saying

I guess this is where I went wrong because I did a little of everything in FW. Hunting sites and mission runners. Doing missions and sites. Getting killed by awoxers. :stuck_out_tongue: