Factional BPOs

How can I get Factional BPOs? Like Imperial Navy Acolyte’s BPOs?

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You won’t be able to get Origunals.
You can only get the copy via contracts or run a specific npc site that is known to drop it sometimes, if u get lucky.

I would stick with the contracts.:sunglasses:

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You can get Integrated and Augmented BPC’s on contract but I’ve never seen BPCs for faction drones. To the best of my knowledge they are only available through faction warfare LP stores. http://www.ellatha.com/eve/LPSearch/acolyte/

Other faction BPCs are also available through the LP stores - generally 5 run and a few are very profitable to build - even if you buy the tags.

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What is this site meant for and what is the isk vost beside lp cost? Can I buy the BPCs via ISKs too?

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You can pretty much buy anything with ISK in this game. Look at public contracts and you will likely find BPCs for what you are looking for:


Not for faction drones though, as I am pretty sure they only are available from LP stores.

That site shows if you give 3 000 LP (with the 24th Imperial Crusade), 2 000 000 ISK, and 5 regular Acolytes and you will get 5 Imperial Navy Acolytes. Basically think of it as the corporation taking your basic drones and upgrading them to their snazzy version for some ISK and some of their LP.

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Most NPC corporations in the game have a loyalty point store. If you dock at one of their stations you can view the LP store in station services:

You earn loyalty points by running missions for the corporation agents.

Ellatha consolidates this in a 3rd party site so you can see which LP stores offer the stuff you want so you can choose which agents to run missions for.

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