Falcon BPO

I have a falcon BPO I’m prepared to sell for the right price. I’m using it, I don’t need to sell, so serious offers only please. I do know what it’s worth.

ME9, PE18

Message sent in game

mail me asking price

Mailed him, his asking price is “1-2 trillion range. Some things accepted in part exchange.”

So… don’t bother

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this stuff was worth roughly AT ship prices before invention changes…

The most expensive t2 bpo ever sold was like 550 billion. I’d rather have a dozen AT ships for 1-2 trillion.

you know asking someone about something in private so you can come back and talk crap about business…just goes to show you who the untrustworthy TRASH are.

Coulda saved everyone the effort and just posted it, anyone with the isk for it follows the sales of all similar items…

If you can’t take the heat for your prices, might need to rethink about doing business.


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